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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

we're back again!

Good morning.
We've just returned from our latest trip. The previous 2 posts were scheduled so no one would know we were gone.   :-)
You know how Craig won't let me post before we go. He's positive bad people are out there lurking and reading 16 million blogs just waiting  for an opportunity to strike!
Sooo, I find it easier to just humor him and post when we return.
Anyway, this trip took us way up into the upper peninsula of Michigan to a campground just outside Manistique called Indian Lake State Park.

Here's us going over the mighty Mackinaw Bridge.
Sunset on Indian Lake.
That's me!
And our campsite across the road from those beautiful views.
We camped with our friends from Wisconsin, Tom and Dean.
The drive up and back and the stay was uneventful mechanical wise, so it was a good trip!
I'll post more details later this week when I have more time, but today is our only day off and we have lot's to do, and the work week is looking terribly busy.

Monday, July 28, 2014

another trip?

Good morning.
Looks like someone is ready for another trip!

Look closely and you'll see the Kia behind the mo-ho.
It's a snug fit, but it works! All hooked up and ready to pull out!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

more garden pics

Good morning.
It's been a very busy week.
Not much else to say, so here's some more garden pics....

Hope your having a good weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Las Vegas update

Good morning.
It looks to be a real busy week at work, at least it's starting out that way.
 We've finally heard from our Las Vegas Realtor.
The reason it's been taking so long, is the appraisal came back way over what we offered. Like about $30,000.00 more. That took our realtor and the listing agent quite by surprise. Sooo, they had to put together a 'dispute of value' with real comparable properties and a breakdown of why our price should be accepted. Then it could take the bank another month or so to respond to that.

Here's a teaser pic of the house......
Despite no grass, they have numerous plantings that give the yards a nice look.
And since homes have been selling in our price range, I'm optimistically hopeful the bank will accept it.
So, we wait some more. Thank goodness we're not in a hurry.  :-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

it's peeling

Good morning.
Goodness! I can't believe it's Tuesday already!
Where does the weekend go?   :-)
Anyway, we came home Saturday after work and relaxed on the deck.
Sunday, we walked and I burned up a huge pile of branches while Craig did his usual bookwork.
I think I've finally got all the winter damage trimmed up.
Monday, another walk, and shopping and I painted the front patio.

 The reason I paint it is when they ran water to the house, they cut out a section of the slab. The water comes in under the kitchen sink, under that side window. And there were also spots of concrete that had surface degeneration, so I patched over it and then painted it so it looks more uniform.
Also Monday, I cleaned up the inside of the mo-ho, so it will be ready for our next trip. It feels odd not talking very many trips this year, as we were planning on going out to Vegas to work on our house.
Which we still don't have yet.  Day 113 now, but who's counting.  :-)
And if you ever think of getting a London Plane Tree for your yard, consider this.....
 Craig had this planted about 20 some years ago. He picked it because it has a nice broad crown for shade and he loves the cool mottled pattern on the trunk.
But, he obviously didn't realize, for the mottled look to happen, the tree needs to shed it's bark. As the tree grows, the branches expand and the bark splits and peels and falls to the ground. The above pic is just 4 days since we mowed. And this will go on for several weeks.
Now time to enjoy our last day off.