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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Am I seeing this right???

Good morning.
Beautiful weather continues with a cool 68 this morning and a high of 89 yesterday. And of course...sunny!
Here's a few pics of my back yard I promised....
My 2 potted cactus are getting tall and multiplying!
The bushes over on the side yard are getting bigger.
The bougainvillea vine is blooming, as is the spreading Lantana.
As I finally got plants in the yard I plan on keeping, they are starting to get to the size that looks good.
Took this pic on my morning walk the other day...
A mommy duck and 6 cute baby ducks. They've been hanging out in the large fountain on the busy corner of Aliante Blvd and Elkorn St. You can see the casino hotel in the background. She probably figures they are safer here from the coyotes, which I finally did see one this morning on my walk.
And let me leave you with the following pic, and tell me what I'm missing.......
This is a label from the back of a Weight Watchers Salted Carmel Ice cream bar box. How can 2 ice cream bars be less calories than 2 single bars?????

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

a yummy update

Good morning.
Beautiful weather here.  Mornings, when I walk, a very cool 74 - 77. Highs, around 95 -105.  Still comfortable enough to sit out in the shade.
Went with 8 other neighbors yesterday afternoon to Taco Tuesday at the Salted Lime inside our neighborhood casino. I had 2 street tacos and 4 wings and Craig had 3 Taquitos. And of course, a Margarita! Nice neighbors! One couple picked up our bill as a thank you for watching their house and picking up their mail when they are gone. And they leave next week in their 5th wheel for the rest of the summer. My main walking buddy in the morning is leaving tonight to go back to Normal Ill. Her husband, who is battling stage 4 Bladder cancer is going to his 50th high school class reunion.  He didn't think he'd be around since he's been fighting this cancer for over 4 years. He has been on a couple of experimental trials, both of which he had to quit as one stopped working and the other was giving him nasty side effects. So he's been off all drugs for over 7 months now and his last scan showed his tumors are 'stable'. He's like the energizer bunny. He just keeps going and going!
So anyway, had a nice meal, drinks and conversation.
Took another trip over to Gilcrease Orchard. This time to grab some more popcorn!
They make this very lightly salted and caramel popcorn that is completely addictive!
I figured even with that, it should be better to snack on than chips. Maybe....
Made a big batch of broccoli and cauliflower salad.
The sauce is made with light sour cream and light mayo with no cal sugar. Also some turkey bacon bits and light shredded cheese. Very tasty and satisfying. Always trying to eat fairly good most of the time.
Still trying to get the rest of the cruise weight off before we head back to Michigan.   :-)
And my latest puzzle......
So life is good in the desert.   :-)

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Day trip

Good morning.
Another week sailed by! How time flies!
Anyway, on Wed. we packed up the car and headed up to Valley of Fire State Park.
It looks a lot like Red Rock Canyon National Park, but bigger. The pics didn't turn out very good. For some reason, the color just is as intense as in person

But we drove through a lot of red rock formations. Didn't do any hiking as it was very warm at just over 100. But it looks like a place we'll go back to when it's cooler.
It was about an hours drive from our house. We had decided to make a little trip out of it, so we headed farther north to Mesquite NV. It's right on the border with Arizona. We had lunch at the Conestoga Golf Club. It's in Sun City Mesquite, another age 55 community like our Sun City Aliante.
Their community is 1000 homes larger, and the grill is larger also. It was very nice, good food and nice views.
Then we headed over to the Casa Blanca Casino Resort, where we had booked a room.
They have a very large outdoor pool area. Really nice! Rooms were large, if a little dated, but clean.
Did some gambling, not good, ate Nathans hot dogs for dinner, very good, and danced to live music they had in their lounge, pretty good.
So was a nice little day/night trip.
And here's the latest puzzle I finished....
Currently picking up mail for just one neighbor. Everyone else is currently back. But one couple leaves next week, and another the week after that. Replanted my 2 pots with vinca for the summer. They did really good last year in the heat, and very colorful.
The rest of the yard is looking pretty good also. I'll try to remember to take some pics.
I guess that's all for now.

Friday, June 07, 2019

Playing catch-up!

Good afternoon.
Sorry for my absence, but been a bit busy.
I've been spending a lot of time online researching and trying to finalize our Hawaiian Cruise.
Looks like we'll fly to Hawaii, spend a few days in Waikiki, then board the Norwegian Miracle, for a 7 day cruise.
Anyway, here's a interesting pic......
This is on the back of my Weight Watchers Salted Carmel Ice Cream Bars. Tell can 1 bar individually be more than  2 bars together????
And here's my latest puzzle.....
And my cactus just keeps blooming!
Such pretty orange flowers!
We are finally getting some nice summer like weather. Been in the mid to upper 90's this week.
Went to Taco Tuesday again this past week, as a couple of neighbors were going out of town for a while. Had my Taquitos, and Craig and I also shared a shrimp tower. It's only 4 large shrimp, wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese. It was $13, but really good!
Our one neighbors just got back from a week on a houseboat over on Lake Powell.
Took another neighbor a few days ago to emergency. She's been feeling dizzy with headaches.
Tests didn't show anything, so she went to her Neurologist, and he's going to do more tests.
Hope they find out what her issue is.
That's about it for now.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

back to a regular routine.

Good afternoon.
Back to a normal routine now, so here's a couple of puzzles I've done....

They had blueberries on sale last week, so I made a pie!
Craig sure does like my pies!!!
We finished off the pasta salad with grilled chicken thighs last night.
On Tuesday, we went to the Salted Lime inside our local Casino for Taco Tuesday with 4 other neighbors. I had 2 street tacos, and 3 taquitos. With a Margarita of course! Didn't do any gambling. Did enough on our trip to last a while.   :-)
Here's the puzzle I finished last evening....
And after my walk this morning, I went with a neighbor to Gilcrease Orchard.
It's only about 5 miles for our house, and they have a self pick garden open year round.
Picking Apricots...
My neighbor, Gloria.
I also got some taters, onions, and carrots. They of course have different things each time you go depending on the time of year and what's ready to harvest. When you pick/pull yourself, you know it's fresh! And even better, it's right here in our valley!