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Sunday, December 04, 2016

a little more Christmas

Good afternoon.
We've just finished our walk and added lights to the eaves of the house. I'll try to remember to take some pics when it's dark enough to see them.
But here's a few more pics of our inside decorations.....

A centerpiece for the coffee table....
Under the TV....
And a wreath on the door and a star on the cabinet.
That's all the inside decorating we do. I think it's enough.   :-)
Remember our trip a while back to Laughlin? Well, I just received a mailing from one of the hotels. They want to give me a night at the Aquarius casino/hotel for $20! And....a second night free!  Now when we did go there and checked out all the casinos, we signed up for all their players cards, even though we didn't gamble much and certainly not at all of them.  But one of our neighbors told us if we did, we'd get special offers from them.  Well, we were planning on going back sometime to do a few driving trips from there, so I think we'll use the super cheap rooms and give us a nice cheap vaca. Spend the day doing sightseeing trips, and the evening maybe a little gaming eating and shows. Sounds pretty good!
Well, Craig's fixing dinner, which is going to be turkey rice casserole, and soon the lights will come on outside. It gets dark here by 5pm. I'll try to get some good pics.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

a post

Good morning.

It's been a while since I've posted, as I haven't done much to write about.   :-)
As I've said, we don't decorate inside much, but here's a coupe of pics....

A centerpiece for the table....
And our little tree on the kitchen counter.
We have been looking at doing a few trips. We've booked a couple of overnights in the valley and just yesterday booked a trip to Hawaii. We haven't been to Hawaii in just over 30 years. Will be fun to see how much we remember and how much has changed.
We've had some cold, cloudy and windy weather this week with highs only around the low 50's. Quite cold for this time of year. But I've still managed to get my walks in in the afternoon. Weather should be nicer the next few days. It feels like fall with the colder weather, but a lot of the trees we have out here don't lose their leaves, and I still have flowers on some of the bushes in my back yard. It will be an adjustment this year having winter in the desert, and not so cold temps and snow. I think I'll manage.   :-)
That's all for now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

eating good!

Good morning.We're having one of the coldest weeks so far this year. Sunday was cloudy, windy and rainy with a high of only 50! We look to be below normal temps all week with highs only in the low 50's. That should be our highs at the end of Dec. But it should be sunny the rest of the week, so that will help. We're working on some inside decorations, and I'll take some pics when we are finished.
Craig has been making some good food.

Ravioli lasagna!
Um-mm! It was good! Paired it with roasted Parmesan zucchini. And enough for leftovers.
Next day, turkey Kielbasa with peppers and onions and mozzarella cheese.
We are still walking every day, but with the very cold mornings(low 40's) we've moved our walks to the afternoon.
I've been asked to apply to be on the Architectural Review Committee. They have an opening, and one of the current members think I'd be a good fit.  I'm thinking about it but not sure I want to commit myself.  It's only 4 days a month for about an hour each morning, but still not sure I'm ready for a regular routine yet. I'm still enjoying my retirement freedom.  :-)
And that's all I've got for now. Now I've got to get the trash cans out. Tuesday is pick-up day.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

liquid deliciousness!

Good afternoon.
Today is by far one of the worst days weather wise we've had since we've been coming out here. Today is a high of only 50, with clouds, wind and scattered rain.  But still better than a lot of other places.   :-)
So, we made a big batch of broth.....

Bags of veggie clippings we've saved from other meals along with the first Thanksgiving carcass.
Liquids Craig saved from various meals.
All simmered down to a delicious base!
11 wonderful pints of hearty liquid. Ready for Craig to use to boil rice or noodles, or add to any meal that requires plain water. He's been doing this for years!
And here's our Christmas tree.....
Just a little 3 footer placed in the corner of the kitchen counter. It fits perfectly behind the sink! We don't do a lot of indoor decorating, but I'll post a few pics once we do put out what we have.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

ready for Christmas.

Good morning.
As usual, I'm stuffed from Thanksgiving and the leftovers the day after.  But we did power walk twice yesterday, so that's a good restart.   :-)
We have 2 trees in the front yard. The one on the left is an African Sumac, and the one on the right is a Southern Live Oak. They are both evergreen and keep most of their leaves all winter.  The Oak even has acorns.

But as I found out, the oak doesn't like to be decorated for Christmas....
The interior of the tree is filled with short sharp twiggy branch thingies that really tear at you. But I got it done. Obviously I need to wear a long sleeve shirt next year. Also, I discovered that decorating trees in brilliant sunshine is very difficult. You can't tell where you've already put lights. It was much easier back in cloudy dreary Michigan.. :-)
I also wanted to do each bush with a different color. I had to run to nearly a dozen different stores to find colors other than green, red and blue.
But here's the end result with about 4000 lights.........

The lighted globes along the sidewalk aren't bushes, but chicken wire I bent into globes and covered with lights. We're not allowed to put plants that close to the foundation and I thought it needed something there for Christmas.  If you click on the last pic, you'll see our steel door lighted up. Craig wired lights to the inside of the door. Gives the door a real neat effect.
It's really nice to be able to put lights up any day I want and in nice weather.   :-)   It reached a high of 62 yesterday.  I did finally turn the heat on as the last few evening have been very cold.  Upper 30's and the temp inside had dropped below 70. A little too chilly for us in the morning. But it is almost Dec.   :-)
We did put up some decorations inside, but not much. We have a small 3 ft tree I'll probably decorate today. We're not big on decorations, but love all the lights.
It's now been just over 3 months since we retired. Still lovin it!   :-)