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Sunday, July 15, 2018

I love any kind of pizza!

Good morning.
It's been partly sunny to partly cloudy the last few days. We've begun our monsoon season and that brings widely scattered showers and increased humidity. We've been running around 30-60% humidity and you sure can tell the difference from our normal 1-5%.
Here's a pretty pic I took a couple of days ago on my early morning walk.
We get some real pretty sunrises our here!
And here's a stock pic of a Mexican Pizza.
In an e-mail to my Mom, I told here what we were having for dinner, and she wanted to know what it was. So I described it and thought I'd also show her a pic of what it looks like. It's really tasty!
Currently just picking up 2 neighbors mail, but keeping an eye on 4 homes. Picked up a flyer from one door and a paper from another. Earlier this week, I picked up quite a bit of trash along the backyards of 2 homes that abut the golf course. Must have blown across the fairway during a windy day earlier this week.
Our Smith's, (or Kroger's depending on where you live) is changing some of their stores. When you go in, you can pick up a scanner and start by scanning your card. You scan everything as you put them in your cart. When your ready to check out, you scan the bar at the self serve register, the total of your purchase comes up, and you pay. Easy peasy! They are supposedly going to randomly re scan peoples carts to make sure you scanned everything to start with. I see this system ripe for abuse, but they must think it's worth it. I do like the time it saves me checking out. And the scanner gives you a running total so you know how much your spending.
And other than that, not much else going on.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

older than dirt.

Good morning.
The last 2 days of our trip took us through Sedona and Prescott. Sedona sits in a red rock valley surrounded by beautiful scenery. 
Here's a couple of pics from a balcony where we had a couple of drinks.
Sedona is definitely a tourist town. They have pink jeep tours and we saw their jeeps all over.
Most of the stores were typical t-shirts, jewelry and the usual southwest memorabilia. I did buy a 'dirt shirt'. It's a t-shirt that's 'dyed' using the red clay found here.

After spending the day in Sedona, we headed south to Cottonwood, where we spent our last 2 nights. We choose this little town, because it was between Sedona and Prescott, and had easy access back to the highway for our drive back to Vegas.
Here, we ate at a Mexican sports bar for dinner called Calavera.

And as you see in these pics, Calavera is Spanish for skull. And they were on the tables and chairs and backs of the booths.

A little bit on the creepy side, but the food was good and it was right across the street from our hotel.
Now, the last day here, we drove to Prescott, and toured the interesting town square and area around the courthouse. And apparently, I didn't take one pic that day.
Then back to Cottonwood, and Tuesday morning, the drive back to Vegas. Got there and back safe, no issues....a good trip!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wupatki National Monument

Good afternoon.
To continue on our trip......
After the volcanic crater, we headed a little north to Wupatki National Monument.
This is a park that has numerous ancient Pueblo ruins.
It's amazing they were able to live out here in all this desolate nothingness. They built all the Pueblo's on massive rocks instead of on the ground. I imagine it was for safety, from attack or animals.
But they did say the area could have been more hospitable for them back then.
It was very interesting to see what they were able to build with what little they had to work with.
Now this path out to the ruins was made by the park. They didn't want you to walk off the path so not to disturb any area that might be of importance to researchers.
This was the largest of all of them. A massive complex of rooms.  We saw several others, but none as impressive as the two I've posted here.
After this, we headed back to Flagstaff and had dinner at the Lumberyard. An old actual lumber yard building that has been converted into a brewery/restaurant. Very busy and good food.
Tomorrow, our trip to Sedona and Prescott.

road trip

Good morning.
We've just returned from a little road trip.
This trip took us a little southeast of Vegas to Northern Arizona,  Specifically Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood, and Prescott. The weather in Flagstaff was nearly 30 degrees cooler than Vegas due to the 7000 ft elevation that Flagstaff sits at. And it reminded us of northern Michigan with a lot of hills and pine trees.
We arrived Thursday afternoon and spent 3 nights there. The first day was a short drive to Walnut Canyon National Monument.

You can't see well enough in these pics, but there are numerous cliff dwellings in this canyon. One is just next to my shoulder in the above pic.
There is a trail that goes by some of them but we declined to do it as it would have been  273 steps back up out of the canyon and we didn't feel that energetic.   :-)
We then went back to town and explored the downtown having a late lunch/early dinner at a sidewalk cafe at an old hotel.
Next day took us a little farther north to see Sunset Crater, and Wupatki National Monument.
Discovered that the trail to the craters edge has been closed for some years to protect the fragile environment, but we did walk the lava trail....

This is actually a very young volcano erupting only about 100 years ago. So the lava flows haven't had enough time to get covered by vegetation and such. It was a very surreal sight. And for miles around the area, there was visible thick areas of black ash covering the ground. The entire one side of the volcano still didn't have hardly any vegetation growing because of the thick layer of ash. And they get very little rain here to help it break down.
After seeing this we headed on to Wupatki. It has some fairly well preserved ancient Pueblos.
I'll post more about them tomorrow.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Update for the week

Good afternoon.
Here's a few pics I took during my morning walks this past week....
This was on a street corner near my house. It appears a hawk got a bird, and plucked it right here. That was a big pile of feathers!
And another full moon this past week.....
And you may need to click on the pic to see it better, but a duck and 3 little babies were roaming near the large fountain on the busy corner of Aliante Blvd and Elkorn Street.
Yesterday morning, I blew all the leaves out of the back yard. Our back yard is walled, and 2 of my neighbors have 3 African Sumac's just on the other side of 2 walls. As the weather gets hot, they lose about 1/3 of their leaves as a means to conserve water. So, a lot of leaves come down in my yard. Once they are all down, I blow them out of the stones onto the patio and bag them up.
I also sprayed around the foundation outside. I do this once a month to keep unwanted bugs out of our home.
And some good prices on good fruit right now. $.99 a lb for cherries and grapes, and $.99 for whole pineapples. And I've learned an easy way to cut, core and chunk them.
Also, for the months of May, June and July, Smiths (owned by Kroger) is giving double points on purchases every weekend. So we try and do all our shopping then to take advantage of that. Also, I get surveys on most receipts, and doing those gives me 50 points each. I can do 1 survey each week. We ended this month just over 1100 points, which we can use for $1.10 off a gallon, when we fill up with gas.   😀
And that's it for now.....