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Friday, September 19, 2014

I think I'm liking eggplant again.

Good morning.
It's been a long week in the Salon. I've worked late Wed. and Thur. but today and tomorrow should be normal.
Here's a pic from our Tuesday dinner that I was planning on posting Wed. morning, but was in a hurry to get to work....

Grilled pork cutlets with rice and grilled eggplant. I haven't eaten much eggplant over the years as the only way I seemed to like it was fried. But I've found a new liking for these. Grilled with a roasted tomato pesto sprinkled with fat free feta cheese. Pretty good!
And the area where we took out the stump and reseeded a week ago is starting to green up nicely despite the much cooler temps than normal.
So just a short post today. Now time to go.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

is it too big?

Good morning.
Well, Our flat panel LCD TV we bought a number of years ago, suddenly yesterday, had no sound.  :-(
So, we decided to go out and get a new one.

After doing some research online, we went to Best Buy and picked up this RCA 39 inch LED TV.
It replaces a 32 inch we had there and I must say, I like it! Bigger is better right?  :-)
And what's amazing is it weights about half of the old 32 inch and the frame around the picture is almost non-existent.
Now, I didn't want to just throw out the old one. I mean, the picture was great! Just no sound.
I decide to try and use it......
And sure enough, I was able to make it my new computer monitor!
My desk angles in the corner so I was able to use a couple of speaker stands destined for my yard sale and put the TV on top of them. So it actually sits behind the desk giving me more desk space and putting it back far enough so I'm not on top of it.
I know it looks awful large, but the best part is now I don't need to wear reading glasses!
And since my puter has separate speakers, I'm good!.
And yes, the picture on my homepage is of the house we want to buy in Vegas. And no, no news yet. But then, it's only been 170 days.   :-\  Not that I'm counting. 
In other news......
It's been to damn cold! And too damn wet!
We've actually had the furnace on for a few nights as temps have gotten down in the low 40's.
Also, my Sunday garage cleaning out project went extremely well. I hauled 12 garbage bags of crap to our work dumpster. I now have a lot of space to start my garage sale storing, as this winter, I'm doing some massive downsizing indoors. I've really gotten in to the less is better mode. It's very freeing having a lot less 'stuff'!
And in other news....
Craig's blood tests came back very well. Thanks to all the walking we've been doing, all his readings relating to being pre-diabetic are all back in the normal range. Good job Craig! Unfortunately, his Cholesterol has gotten higher. Along with mine. So we need to try and do a better job cutting back on out meat eating. We do like our meat! Probably those Saturday afternoons at Reno's hasn't helped either.  :-)
So with the good overall test results, Craig is determined to keep up the walking. We'll see how he does this winter.
And for a change, I've had quite a bit to blog about. This must be the longest post I've done in a while.
And now, time to get going.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

a million tiny red bugs.....but no, not bed bugs.

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon......yet again.
It was a busy week,and I'm happy for my weekend.  :-)
On my tall Rubecia, I've got this.....

Tiny red aphids. You can see a lady bug on one of the leaves, but I think she's outnumbered. I don't like to spray in the garden, so I'll let nature take it's course. Maybe the lone lady bug will signal for reinforcements.   :-)
And a few more pics of the garden....

My little Sedum garden coming into full bloom.
And my new grass path through the side flower bed. A lot less weeding!
After our coffee and Sunday paper, we'll go for a walk, do some shopping, and later I'm going to tackle the garage. I'm going to give it a real good cleaning. I plan on filling a few trash bags. I need to make room for a garage sale pile of a lot of things in the house I want to get rid of next spring.
Now time to go.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the weekend in review.

Good morning.
Another weekend over and back to work.  :-\
Didn't get much accomplished even though it was probably the nicest weekend we've had all summer. Sunny and in the mid 70's. Finally a weekend with out rain for all or part of it. I managed some weeks ago to injure my right shoulder so when I lift my arm a certain way, it's painful. I'm trying to take it easy so it will hopefully heal.
I did manage, for the most part, to sift the shredded stump from the soil where they finally ground up the stump. Added some top soil and seeded it.

 We were going to wait until spring, but Craig didn't want to look at dirt all fall. So depending on how much it settles, I may need to re-add some more soil in the spring and reseed it again. No big deal.
And I did some general cleaning in the house and weeding in the yard.
And here's a couple of yard pics....

It's hard to believe it's almost the middle of September all ready. It's been so cool and wet this year, I'm still waiting for summer to start. We never even hit 90 once.  :-\
Oh well. It'll be nice and hot once we move to Vegas. If that ever happens. We still don't have a house, and it's now been nearly 5 1/2 months. It's crazy how long this is taking. I'm just saying, if your in a hurry to move, don't consider a short sale. At least we have the time, but all this uncertainty has left us in a sort of limbo all summer.
And now, it's back to work.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

expensive bulbs

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon. My usual Sunday morning routine.
It was a very busy week in the Salon. And for an end of week treat, we went over to Reno's to enjoy the mild 72 degree day and a late lunch.
We also have an electrician working on the Salon's lighting.

As you can see in the top pic, we have 2x2 panel lights in the Salon that currently use these fatter ubend light bulbs.
Well, as with the 60 watt incandescent bulbs, these are being discontinued also and being replaced with these skinny ubend bulbs.
The skinny bulbs use less energy but produce more light.

So, because of that, the ballasts in each panel won't light the new bulbs so we have to have all the ballasts changed.  :-\
Fortunately, the new ballasts will light both lamps so we can use up our existing inventory of bulbs before investing in the new ones since each bulb costs about $9.
So that means 24 new ballasts at $20 a piece and $50 an hour labor to install.
And eventually, 48 new skinny ubend bulbs.
On the new home front.........
no news..........
still waiting.......
On the old home front........
It's been a very rainy summer, and that means a lot of mowing. We finally got the stump in the front yard ground down and I spent a good amount of time leveling the pile of dirt out. We'll let it sit until spring to settle, then put some top soil over it and reseed it.
And that's all I've got to say for now.