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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

and away he goes

Good morning.
After a beautiful Sat. Sun. and Monday, I awoke to rain this morning.
With our mo-ho trip cancelled, we made it a free weekend, meaning not a lot was done.   :-)
Since we couldn't leave Friday afternoon for our trip, we headed out to Reno's for sun, food and drinks.
later, I took all the food and clothes out of the mo-ho.
yesterday morning, they came and towed it to the service dealer.

They first sent out this puny truck and the driver quickly decided to call a bigger one.
They got the mo-ho hooked up, and drove it away.
We then went down and signed the work order. Since we probably won't take another trip this season, we had them do an oil change and service the generator.
Then we ran to the bank to wire the $1000 earnest money to the escrow companies. We also received the HOA documents to go over. More than 600 pages in 4 PDF files! Went over  most of them yesterday until our eyes were going cross-eyed. It took just over 2 hours this morning but I finished the last group . Some interesting stuff, but not much more than we expected.
The inspection is to be this week, and we should also hear about the floor tiles.
I did manage to do some cutting back in the flower beds, and we did get the yard mowed.
That's it for now.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Going no where :-((

Got home from work Friday afternoon, changed clothes......hopped in the mo-ho for a weekend trip.......Put the mo-ho in gear to slowly pull out of the area next to the garage and the brake pedal was very squishy. Put the mo-ho in park and pumped the brakes and no firmness. Had Craig step on the brakes as I lay underneath the mo-ho and fluid squirted out of a metal line. We obviously have a leak in the break line.    :-(
Soooo, no trip this weekend.    :-(

We have a house!....maybe.....kind of.......pretty sure!

Good morning.
Well, it looks like we have a home in Las Vegas!
We haven't had closing yet, but it looks like a done deal.
The bank accepted our offer and barring an unacceptable inspection, we should close in a couple of weeks.
Here's a pic.....

It's identical to the one we'd been waiting 6 months to buy. But the Fannie May negotiator wouldn't budge on the assessed price. The main difference with this house is a couple of positives and a couple of negatives.
The pluses.....Nice stonework on the columns and corners of the garage. And Cherry cabinets in the kitchen instead of Maple.
Negatives.....15 cracked tiles running through the living room into the kitchen. Our realtor is still looking to see if we can get replacements. The company that installed them went out of business during the great recession. She was able to identify the tile and now is looking to see if other companies still have some. If we have to, we can tear out all of them and replace with new. The cost would still be less than what we saved buying this house over the other.
The back yard is smaller than the first house. I'll miss the extra space, but it's not a deal breaker.
So, when we have closing, I'll post so interior pics.
This thing went so fast compared to the first house. We put in the offer late Tuesday, they accepted it Thursday, and next week we'll have the inspection.
So there you have it. After six l-o-n-g months finally a house!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

this is depressing

Good morning.
Just a quick post before I run off to work. The weekend was a mess!
We received a phone call from our realtor in Las Vegas.
The reason this whole process has been taking so long is the agent assigned to this short sale  won't budge on the assessed price despite repeated  rebuttals from the listing agent. Soooo, we upped our offer a bit, but I don't think it will be enough. Craig won't go one penny higher since there are other homes for sale in our price range. Unfortunately, I don't like any of them. And, if Fannie May had gotten to our offer nearly 6 months ago, Our price would have been good. Of course prices go up over 6 months! That's why we started this way back in April!  Gezzz!
We did however put an offer on one that's pretty close to the other. Ironically, it is owned by Fannie May. Apparently when Fannie forecloses on a home, they list it, and after 2 month's the price goes down. This continues until the home is sold. This one started at $172,000, and 2 days ago dropped to $147,500. Less than we offered the exact same house they now want $180,000 for.  :-\
Our realtor wants the listing agent to point that out when submitting our new offer.
So we now have 2 offers pending. Should hear today. Maybe.
One problem with the new one is there are what appears to be a long crack through a number of tiles in the pics she sent us. I'll have to find out more about that.
Anyway, that's the reason for my absence. I had to download 25 pages of documents, print them out, sign and initial every page, scan them and e-mail them back to her. Whew!
But I'll leave you with a pic.....

You may need to click on the pic to see it well enough, but there's a Great Blue Heron right in the middle of the pond. Was there about 2 hours frog hunting.
Now I gotta go!

Friday, September 19, 2014

I think I'm liking eggplant again.

Good morning.
It's been a long week in the Salon. I've worked late Wed. and Thur. but today and tomorrow should be normal.
Here's a pic from our Tuesday dinner that I was planning on posting Wed. morning, but was in a hurry to get to work....

Grilled pork cutlets with rice and grilled eggplant. I haven't eaten much eggplant over the years as the only way I seemed to like it was fried. But I've found a new liking for these. Grilled with a roasted tomato pesto sprinkled with fat free feta cheese. Pretty good!
And the area where we took out the stump and reseeded a week ago is starting to green up nicely despite the much cooler temps than normal.
So just a short post today. Now time to go.