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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

too much yard work

Good morning.
It's been a busy couple of days. Trimmed 4 bushes and 2 trees. Guess I still have too much yard work to do.   :-)

Filled 8 bags with trimmings and leaves bundled up 2 groups of branches, and 2 piles of broken down boxes from stuff we've bought. Wanted to get this done as today is bulk pick-up day. Twice a month they have bulk pick-up. That's the only time you can put out stuff that doesn't fit in your trash cans.
Sorry for the dark pics, but took these early this morning.

The dark area underneath this bush is where the branches had grown so long they covered the ground (kinda like the neighbors bush next to it) and the access panel for the drip irrigation system. I'll need to add some fresh stones around the bush. And I have plenty in the back yard that will soon be torn out so I might as well use some of them.
We have 2 trees in the front yard and one in the back.
We also bought a small chest freezer so we can take advantage of sales and stock up. Especially turkeys when they go on sale for Thanksgiving.
Went to one of the area farmers market on Sunday and was greatly disappointed. Only about 12 booths and just one of veggies.  I did get some very tasty jerky though. We'll try another market next Saturday. That one sounds like it'll be bigger. But it's only on the 1st and 3rd Sat. of the month.
Well that's it for now.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Yet, another post.

Good morning.
Another busy day. Didn't plan it that way, but once we got going....
We have 3 bushes along the side walk to our front door that had gotten way to big, sooo

We got out there and went to work. Bulk trash pick-up is Tuesday, so we wanted to get it done before then.
We pruned them back, and pruned them up. I've got a little more cleaning up to do on them, but they are going to look much better. Filled 3 very large trash bags.
Another view, before and after.
Also got a couple of tool racks for the garage.....

For the blower, hose, rakes and nippers.
So we continue to get slowly organized. Need to get a couple of cabinets for the garage sometime.
Today we're going to check out one of the many farmers markets in the valley.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

another update.

Good morning.
Well, we did the DMV thing yesterday, and it took a little over an hour. Craig spent a good part of the afternoon, putting plates and frames on the cars. In Nevada, your required to have a plate on the front and back if the manufacturer  makes the car for one. Neither of our cars have existing mounting holes so I said forget it. But, Craig being a by the book guy, wanted plates on the front too.

So he did.   :-)  
 He bought brackets online and mounted them on the front of the cars. They look pretty good!
So we are now Nevadans. But we are still Spartans!
And we also have Craig's little office put together.
It's a cabinet that sits in the corner of the master bedroom. You open the doors and there's a little waste basket on the lower left door, and magnetic/eraser boards on the other. I added strip lighting to the top of the cabinet to give him enough light. He likes it real well.
So we're done with the DMV. In the future, we should be able to do everything online.   :-)
I also have a guy coming out to measure a window for a solar screen. It's a mesh vinyl type fabric stretched over a frame and fits over the outside of the window. A lot of home out here have them. They reflect up to 90% of the heat rays. We have one window, my bedroom, that gets afternoon sun. Also, the neighbors house next door, has a widow right across from mine. The shade will also give me privacy by blocking their view, but still let me see out and let light in. It'll be like our security door. We can see out, but no one can see in. I don't know how that works, but it's pretty cool.
I think today is going to be a play day. We'll see.

Friday, September 23, 2016

busy, busy, busy!

Good morning.
This first pic is of our morning walk on Wed. 

Still quite cloudy, and getting very humid. It actually got up to 73% humidity on Thursday. Never had seen it that humid before. By Thursday afternoon, the sun was back and humidity down to 13%. Much better!
I also on Thursday cleaned out my puter. With the move and all, I didn't do my July cleaning like I usually do. So I turned it off, took the side off the puter, and used canned air to spray out all the dust. It was pretty bad.
We also met with the landscapers and here's the latest drawing for the back yard....
The orange areas are pavers for the patio extension and walkway.The white edging is going to be a cement border around the pavers and along the walkway. The winding lumpy looking thingy is going to be a dry riverbed with flowering shrubs planted on either side of it.  The dark grey area is the existing covered patio.
The big white squares are the house.  The reddish brown outline around the yard is the existing wall. We have a privacy wall around our little back yard.
So the plan is looking good right now. They will start the excavation process probably in a week or so. All of the existing stone and a lot of the soil will be removed.
 Everything in this pic will go....
 The tree and  the 2 shrubs by the tree will stay. And the unfinished wall will be capped.

This is where the walkway will go to the gate.
 Add the patio will extend out into the yard from the existing covered patio.
So very anxious to get this project going. The next step will be submitting the plans to the ARC committee for approval. The next meeting is Oct. 7th.  I've been in regular contact with the Director of Standards & Compliance on every aspect so far so we shouldn't have any issues with the committee.   :-)
And here's a pic of Craig doing what he!
Mushroom filled ravioli lasagna!
It was delish!
Now time to go. We have another date with the DMV. This time for license plates and registrations.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

busy time.

Good morning.
Meant to post yesterday, but was just too busy.   :-)
Sunday, after our walk, we drove down to the South Point Casino Hotel. It's way on the southern  end of the valley. Got players cards but didn't gamble. They have a free show every Thursday that our neighbor Obbie recommends but you need players cards to get the free tickets.  We haven't been to a show yet, but now we have the cards in case we decide to go. The entertainment appears to be dated for an older crowd than us, but hey, for free it might be fun.  :-)
Monday, went for our morning coffee walk, then over to the fitness center. Back home, we trimmed up the tree in the front yard, and blew out all the dead leaves from the last 2 years. Tuesday was trash pickup so got all the branches and leaves stuffed into the can. Front yard looks much better!
Tuesday, we walked again, and then over to the Nevada DMV to get our new drivers license. They have a similar setup like in Michigan. You go online and make an 'appointment'. Ours was for 9:15. But they make you go early and 'check-in'.  Seemed a little stupid, but they want to make sure you have all the documentation needed. We did. So we checked in, and went into this enormous room with what must have been 30 rows of chairs, half of them with people waiting. They also had 28 windows of people being served. We did get called to a window within 10 min. of our scheduled time. Not bad for such an enormous place and so many people.  They give you a temporary id, and punch holes in your old one.

Our new Nevada id's should come in about a week. Then, on Friday, we get to go back again! This time for plates and registrations. We first have to get a VIN identification inspection. and a smog test on his Hyundai. The Vin inspection is done at a drive through station outside the DMV. The smog test at many gas stations.
We'll do those today. We also have to surrender the old plates, which means taking tools to the DMV and removing the plates before we go in. We also stopped and ate lunch on the patio at a place called BJ's.
It was a cloudy day. Remnants of Hurricane Paine off the coast of Mexico. Made for a very pleasant day temp wise. And reminded us of Michigan, except for the palm trees and mountains.    :-)
 Then back home, we spent over an hour on the phone redoing our insurances on the house and cars. Had to drop coverage on the Honda and the apartment back in Michigan. And convert car coverage to Nevada and add the house.
 So staying pretty busy right now.