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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

x-ray vision

Good morning.
Craig got a call from his doctor about the results of his x-ray.
There were no obvious issues with the bones, so he believes it's probably  Dupuytren's contracture.

Dupuytren’s contracture
Dupuytren’s Contracture
Dupuytren’s Contracture
Dupuytren’s Contracture
Dupuytren’s Contracture
So, I pulled out the CD he got to take to the surgeon and popped it in the puter to take a look..... 
I added the red and green arrow. The red arrow shows the finger affected. He's being referred to an Orthopedic surgeon for clarification and possible treatment. But he did tell Craig that the base of his thumb is full of arthritis. Look at the end of the green arrow. The whitish looking area where the bones meet is the arthritis. Craig figured he had arthritis because he had the same symptoms as another stylist that was diagnosed with the same thing. But interestingly, it hasn't bothered him since we moved out here. Apparently arthritis is bothered by wet cold weather. We have little of either here.   :-)
And, more drama on his prescription......
You remember, he went to the doctor last Thursday and had a script called in. Went to pick it up on Sat. and was tablets instead of capsules, and $118 instead of $5.50. Went back to the doctors office first thing Monday to straighten things out. They were to call in a new script right away.  Went to pick it up again on Tuesday, and they had no order.  But they were nice enough to call the office and eventually got it. What a hassle!
But anyway, he's got his pills and back home we went for a nice long walk. Then I decided to wash his car.
Oh, and he got a call from the insurance company about the car. They are going to wave the deductible on the repairs. So that was good news!
This morning we're heading back to IKEA on the south side of the valley to pick up a few things, then meeting some friends down there from Palm Springs for lunch. They came up to Vegas in their coach for a week and staying at a motor coach resort on the south side. Will be nice catching up with them.
And that's it for now....

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

busy couple of days.

Good morning.
The weather has been pretty nice the last few days so we've been getting in some good walks.
On Sunday, a neighbor invited us to join them for a Champagne brunch. We ended up going to a local casino, The Cannery. Craig and I hadn't been to this one yet, even though it is the second closest casino after our own Aliante.
We had a coupon in our book for buy one get one, so the brunch cost us each $5. They had a pretty good spread and all the Champagne you could drink. We were there for a couple of hours and I must have drank 3-4 glasses. I don't think they had near the selection of the Texas Station casino, but that might be due to it being brunch and the cost of the Champagne.  But we certainly got our money's worth! We tend to overeat at buffets. I want to try a little bit of everything, and so I end up eating way to much!
Anyway, needless to say, we didn't eat any dinner.   :-)
Monday was a very busy day starting with coffee and heading out the door. Craig had to go to the west side of the valley for an x-ray on his hand. He'll need that when he sees the Orthopedic surgeon. But on the way to that office, we stopped at his doctor's office. When he went to pick up his prescription on Sat, They wanted to charge him $118.00! He asked why it was so much as the previous one only cost $8.00 Well, the doctor had written the script for tablets instead of capsules, even though Craig took his meds with him to show the doctor what he was taking. So, he called, and being the weekend, he'd have to wait until Monday. So he got that straightened out. Then we stopped at the x-ray place, He got in and out pretty quick. They even gave him a CD with the images on it to take to the surgeon. Now he has to wait for the surgeons office to call and schedule an appointment.
After that, we headed over to the Texas Station casino which was nearby. Craig had gotten a mailing giving him $10 in free slot play, so he thought we'd stop there and use it. Well, come to find out the mailing was a bit deceiving. You had to get 100 points first to get the free play. Well, to get 100 points could easily take $10 worth of gambling especially if you don't get lucky on the machines. So Craig said it wasn't worth it and we left.
Then, at 1:00 we had an appointment to get an estimate for his car at Caliber Collision. Wow! it was an enormous place! They must have spaces for over 50 cars to work on at a time! The estimate came in at just over $1000.00. And he doesn't think they'll have to get a new door. Craig's a little skeptical about that, but I said this is a big operation and I'm sure he's probably done 100's if not thousands of estimates. I'm sure he probably knows what he's talking about. So we made an appointment to have the work done. The earliest we could get it in is Monday Feb 6th. Like I said, it is a busy place!
So after we got back home, Craig got a pork roast in the oven and we went for a nice long walk.
The storms rolling across the country have given friends in Oregon more snow than they've had in decades. And the Rockies currently have 167% of the snow they should have for this time of year and several more storms are expected this week. Looking good for drought conditions and water levels. Hope it keeps up!   :-)
And with that, that's it for now.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

I'm not normally superstitious

Good evening.
It's Friday the 13th. Not a good day for us.......

We got in a little accident. Some guy wasn't paying attention and hit us.   :-(
Fortunately no one was hurt, But Craig's precious car
 We were turning left on a green arrow. Apparently, the guy across from us decided to turn right and didn't see us turning and hit us in the back passenger door. The impact felt worst than what the damage looks like.
So, we have an appointment next Monday for an estimate and it should get fixed up all like new.
But we did find a nice vase for the kitchen counter yesterday....
And to help Craig feel a little better, I fixed him a favorite dish..
A cheddar cheese and sausage omelet.
Craig seemed to like his new doctor okay that he saw Thursday. I'll see him in 3 weeks.
And with that, good night.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

blah blah

Good morning.
It's been 4 days since my last post and the reason is we haven't done much of anything.   :-)
Finally cleaned up the leaves in the back yard on Monday.
We went to a little cocktail party at one of the neighbors to watch some of the Golden Globes, but no trips or casinos.
Got a nice phone call from a former customer. Was nice to hear from her except she informed me of the passing of another long time customer of mine. She passed back in Nov. So, to keep up, I've decided to subscribe to the Lansing newspaper so we can stay informed of news and obits. It was only $10 for the digital version for a year.
We've had mostly nice weather with temps near or in the low 60's. Had a very windy day yesterday and rain is forecast for Friday.
For those concerned about all the rain and flooding, that's all way north of us. But all the rain and snow in the Sierra's  and Rockies should help to alleviate some of the drought. They are already over 100% of the normal so far.  That's of course if the rest of the winter is at least normal. We'll see. But it's a real good start.
My foot seems to be doing better, so I'm back to twice a day walks. We also hit the gym on Tuesday.
Today is Craig's doctor appointment. Hope he likes the doctor because he hates going to them.
It's amazing how fast time goes even when we aren't working. I can't really say what we've done the past 4 days, but we haven't been bored! And Sat. it'll be 5 months since we retired. Unbelievable!
So that's it for now.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

A nice update. :-)

Good morning.
Well, not a whole lot going on here. Been doing some cleaning and walking, but not to much else.
Craig made Mexican Pizza yesterday. Here's a stock photo since I forgot to get an actual pic...

It's really quite tasty! The recipe makes 2, so we shared it with a neighbor. Her husband is recuperating from the flu and they've had a lot of doctor's appts. Got home late yesterday. Seemed very happy to not having to make something. Hoped they liked it.   :-)
We did receive 2 power packs in the mail we had ordered....
The small ones on the right we had. Got them a few years ago. They come in handy on plane trips. My tablets power tends to get low before the trip is done so they give the tablet a boost of battery power. The small ones are 2000mAh and the new ones are 4000mAh, so twice the battery boosting back-up.
They even come with built in micro charging cords so I don't have to mess with extra cords.
I bought the new ones to make sure we have enough battery power for the longer flight to Hawaii coming up. We both dislike flying, and the tablets sure help pass the time. I have movies, shows and games on them.
I also ordered 2 of these....
Jack Links Turkey Snack Sticks. We take these on our flights for snacks. I take them out of the original package, cut them in half and put them in a snack bag in our carry on. You don't get anything for free on most planes now days so we take our own stuff.    :-)
 I looked everywhere and cannot find them in stores around here. But I was able to order them from and have them shipped to store for free so they cost the same as when I used to buy them back in Lansing.
And my little Sony Cyber Shot camera is 10 years old!
That's ancient in technology terms, but it's still a great little camera. I've used my phone for taking pics, but I still prefer my camera. I know it's 10 years old, as when ever I need to recharge the battery, It defaults back to the original date and I have to reset it. I happy it still works!
I've also made my first doctor's appointment. It's scheduled for Feb 3rd.  I'll be going to the same one Craig has an appointment with. His is next Thursday. We had to download and print out about 12 pages of medical history and such we have to fill out before we go. A neighbor referred us to him. They like him a lot, so hope we do too. They say the first appointment will take an hour. Not sure what he needs an hour for since we don't have any health issues. These visits are just to establish a doctor patient relationship for our health plans, and to get new prescriptions for our meds. Will be interesting to see what takes so long.   :-)
Well, I guess I had more to talk about than I thought. But that's all for now!