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Friday, October 21, 2016

backyard progress

Good afternoon.
It's been easy carefree few days. We walk pretty much every day for about 2-3 miles.  We also work out at the fitness center 2-3 times a week. Thursday, was the ARC meeting where we got somewhat approved for my latest additions to the back yard. Here's the Wall art we put up....

  And here's the wall water fountain.....
We received that by Fed-X the same day as the ARC meeting and spent the afternoon putting it together. The entire thing is stone! Not just the slate bevels the water runs down, but everything! Very well constructed. Easy to put together, and works beautifully. wanted it placed next to the wall, but when I went to the meeting, I discovered water features along with plants need to be 3 ft from the lot line.
So, here it is, 3 ft from the lot line. It look 'okay'.
Now, the head of the ARC committee, whom I've had quite a few conversations with over the last couple of months due to all the stuff going on in our yard, came up to me and confidentially told me that after the inspection, I can do pretty much what I want. Which means I'll be than able to move it back next to the wall.
It was very nice of him to disclose that to me. 
So, we are liking the yard as it develops further.
That's it for now....

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

a little update.

Good morning.
Here's the latest goings on......
 Been walking every morning. Doing about 2-3 miles each day. Getting to know the street names better.   :-)
I've also been busy putting together another proposal for the ARC committee that meets this Friday. I want to put a couple of things on the back wall across from the covered patio......

These colorful geckos......
And this 49 inch tall water fountain.

They would go on the wall as marked.
So I have the paperwork together and will submit that today for Fridays meeting.
I also got around and finally took off the 2 satellite dishes that were on the edge of the house from the previous owner. One was wired to the house and the other wired to the second bedroom.
Once we got the patio extended and started sitting out there, they really started to 'bug' me.
And much better now. Will have to store them in the garage until next weeks bulk pickup.
We've also been on little driving trips around the valley doing more exploration. Discovering there are a lot of interesting things to do in the Vegas area. We will be staying far away from the UNLV campus in central eastern part of the valley, as the last Presidential debate is going to be there Wed.  I'm sure they will have a ton of roads closed and traffic will be a mess.
It's now been over 8 weeks since we 'retired' and we don't miss working one bit!   :-)
We do miss some of the people, but not enough to move back. Like the weather here better.   :-)
And with that, time to go.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Making the backyard my own.

Good morning.
We added a little art piece to the garden...

It's a dragonfly given to us by Colleen, a co-worker from the Salon as a going away present. We hung it on a branch in our one backyard tree.
And here's pics of the plants we chose for the backyard...
This first plant is called Red Bird of Paradise. It gets brilliant orange/red flower in the summer.
Next is Bottlebrush. In the spring and sometimes fall, they get red bottlebrush like flowers.
Then, Coral Autumn Sage. They get kinda hot pink flowers.
This next plant is called Baja Fairy Duster. It gets delicate fan like red flowers.
And last is a purple spreading Lantana.
Every plant we chose attracts hummingbirds so I expect to see them a lot.
We also bought a couple of pots and planted cactus in them.
I can't plant anything within 3 ft of the lot line according to our HOA, but I can put pots anywhere I want.
The left cactus is called Silver Torch and the right one San Pedro.  In between, if I get ARC approval, will go a wall water fountain. I'll know next Friday.
So, we're starting to add our own personal touches to the yard to make it 'ours'. It's very nice sitting our there and soaking in the sun and watching the humming bird.
My Mom wrote and was concerned about wildfires she heard about on the news. I explained they were nearly 7 hours north of us up by Reno/lake Tahoe. Nevada is a big state, and Vegas is in the southern tip.
Also Thursday, a visit from Vice President Biden really messed up traffic. He flew in to Nellis Air Force base which is in the north-eastern part of the valley. His motorcade came down the 215 and got off right at Aliante. They closed the overpass, and Aliante Blvd from Elkhorn to Centennial. We were at Smiths grocery store and had to go our the side street and take back roads to get home. Good thing we've gotten to know a lot of the roads around here. He was going to a union hall for a speech with one of the local politicians.
Don't know why he came by us since the union hall is near downtown and we're at the northern edge of the valley, except they said he made a few stops on the way, but didn't say what they were.
So that caused a big traffic mess for a short time.
And I guess I've talked enough for today.....

Thursday, October 13, 2016

a few pics

Good morning,
It's been a couple of beautiful days. Starts out in the mid 60's and gets to near 90.
Here's another pic we took on a morning walk this week...

There were clouds hanging over the Sheep Mountains. I never seem to tire looking at them. The mountains that is.   :-)  Although I do like seeing the clouds too, as we have very few days of them so far.
Here's a rabbit taking a siesta on out front walk. At first I thought it might be injured as I've never seen a rabbit 'lay' like this before, but a noise  scared it and he was up and gone in no time.
And here's a pic of a hummingbird that comes to our newly landscaped yard several times a day. Every bush we planted will have flowers that attract hummers, so I expect to see a lot of him. And apparently he doesn't think we have enough to share as he's constantly chasing away other hummers that try to come in.
We found a couple of pots we like and are buying some cacti for them today. We have no restrictions on where we can put pots in our back yard. We are going to put them between the second patio and the wall, and in between them a wall fountain. As soon as we get ARC approval for the fountain. That will be next week.
And that's it for now.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

a nice birthday

Good morning.
It's been beautiful weather! Mostly sunny and very mild. Around 90. And really, 90 feels more like 75 when the humidity is low. It's at 24% this morning and 68. Here's a pic of us relaxing on our new patio yesterday afternoon.

Had a very nice birthday yesterday,  Did our usual approx. 2 mile walk, then went to the fitness center for a little workout, then we drove all over the outskirts of the valley to a few landscape/patio stores. We were looking at fountains, pots and wall art. Want to add a personal touch to our newly done back yard. I'll post pics when we find something.
Then we had lunch at the Aliante golf club grille.
Here's a pic of our new patio extension from the living room.
And they came over on Sunday and finished the walkway to the side gate.

I love the way they designed the concrete borders around everything. A lot more work on their part, but a really nice effect. Helps it to look like a patio extension instead of an addition. And yes, the walkway isn't centered with the gate. We decided it would look better centered between the patio and the wall. And the gate opens from the left. Besides, we don't use the gate hardly at all, and you can't see the gate from the patio.
Now time to shower and get on with the day....