Monday, September 18, 2017


Good afternoon.
The weather has been near perfect! Highs near 90 and lows in the upper 70's. Great weather for our morning walks.    :-)
We saw this little butterfly on our spreading Lantana the other day.
You'll have to click on the pic to see it. It's in the upper left hand corner. It was about 3 inches across. But pretty with the many 'eye' markings inside the wings.
I'm doing another small redo of our back yard. When I finish I'll take a few pics. That's another thing about being retired. I have too much time to sit and look at things.   :-)
But I'm not complaining. I enjoy puttering around my little yard.
We haven't done much. We did cut each other's hair and I washed the Jeep. It's really nice not having anything we really need to get done.  :-)
Well, I thought I should post something, so this was it.   :-)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

our trip to Laughlin

Good afternoon.
We've just returned from a 3 nite stay in Laughlin, Nevada. It's just about a 2 hour drive from our house down to near the tip of the state and on the Colorado river. We stayed at a different hotel this trip. We have stayed at the Aquarius in the past, thanks to free or discounted nites, but we got a voucher for 3 free nites at Harrahs from one of our neighbors, so we thought that might be a nice change. Here's a view from the hotel overlooking the river....
Here's a couple of pics of their beach....

They have a small bay in front of the hotel, so they are the only resort here with a beach. And it's one of the larger resorts with 3 hotel towers in the resort complex, along with 2 pools, several restaurants and bars and a showroom for entertainment, besides a large casino gaming area.
Since there is a lot of space between some of the resorts along the river, they have a water taxi that goes from one to the others. We took it up and down the river to the various resorts. Eating and drinking our way from one end to the other.   :-)
This is the Colorado Belle. One of the 'themed' casino hotels. And no, it's not on the river, but right next to it.
Then one day we drove a couple of hours down to Lake Havasu Arizona where they have the real London Bridge...
They actually dismantled it and shipped it over and rebuilt it. It goes from the mainland to an 'island' in the river. They've built numerous bars, restaurants, resorts and shops along each side for the tourists.
Now back in Laughlin, we had pretty good luck the first 2 nites, but gave it all back on the 3rd.   :-(
Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes. But we had a nice time, good food, great weather, and a nice room. And, we got there safe, and back safe.
So as I always was a good trip.   :-)

Monday, September 11, 2017

a short post.

Good morning
Weather has been pretty nice here. Highs in the 90's and lows near 80. Been walking every morning, although I've stayed clear of the golf course trails for right now.   :-)
Saturday, we made nachos for dinner.
2% cheese with 93% lean ground beef, tomatoes and green onions over reduced fat tortilla chips. They really are pretty good!
And one afternoon, we had our surveillance system on our TV....
Every Saturday Craig flies the Michigan State flag for game day, and there was just enough breeze to wave across one of the cameras since the camera is just above the flag post holder.

He flies it Saturday and all day Sunday,  if they win.    :-)
Sunday Craig made pork and sauerkraut.
That's about all I have to say for now.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

took a little fall.

Good morning.
Another wet morning. We had some rain yesterday and also last night with scattered rain predicted today and tomorrow.  Bit nothing like the fires in the northwest, or the hurricane barreling toward Florida. Guess we did pick a pretty good place to retire. The biggest natural danger around here is a possible earthquake. But even that's pretty remote.
Here's a few pics I took on a morning walk Wed.....
A full moon...
And pictures from the path through our golf course.
The trail through the golf course is very nice, but dangerous! While I was looking up at the full moon trying to get the perfect pic, I hit a crack in the trail that had a raised edge. I tripped and went flying.
Fortunately, I didn't break anything. Just a few scraps and bruises...

I picked myself up, and was bleeding from my arm and hand. I made it to a water station and rinsed my wounds the best I could. Then I walked about 15 minutes back to the house. Fortunately, I didn't bleed too much on the way back. Got out the hydrogen peroxide and cleaned my wounds a bit better, and now everything is scabbing up nicely. The worst part of the spill is the last couple of days I've been very sore in my arms and legs. Obviously the tumble battered me in places that didn't get scraped. But I'm on the mend.   :-)
Yesterday, we went down town to the Friday Farmers Market, then lunch at Triple George Grill. Finally used up the last of the gift certificate we had. Then we wandered up and down Fremont Street people watching. I'd take and post some pics of the 'entertainer', but they expect tips when you do that. There are some really odd street performers down there.   But it's all part of the Fremont Street 'experience'.   :-)
Well, that's all the news for now......

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

that's it

Good afternoon.
Well, I thought I should post something since it's been a week since my last post.   :-)
Of course, the reason for a lack of posts is pretty obvious......not much to say!    :-)
We had a breakfast  get together with our neighbors Harry and Barbie on Saturday. They went to this new place and got some very tasty cinnamon rolls. We had those with Mimosa's. A fun morning. Then, on Sunday, we did go down near the strip  for a little Karaoke  competition at a small bar. It turned out to be a fun time. Some really good singers and some not so good singers. And no, we were not in the competition. Only observers.   :-)
Other than that, we've stayed pretty much home except for our usual grocery shopping for our dinners. And even that hasn't been very exciting.
We're having apple sausage kielbasas with coleslaw today. For Labor Day we splurged and had Ribeye steaks on the grill with store bought broccoli salad and  bacon ranch pasta salad.  Tomorrow, red beans and rice with turkey sausage.
So that's been about it.
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