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Friday, February 16, 2018

A project and ....really Craig?

Good morning.
Well, we did another project, but first, I want to tell you about a little incident.
Take a good look at this pic........
I've discovered that toilet bowl cleaner is great on grout! So, one day, I squirted some along the cracks near the counter and fridge, and let it soak. While I'm outside, Craig walks into the room and gets his socks all wet from the liquid. I say..."didn't you see the bottle sitting in the middle of the floor"?  He says..."I thought you just forgot to put it away".  Really? I'd leave a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. Wouldn't walking into a room and seeing that cause you to look down and figure out why it's there?   Sometimes I wonder about him!
Anyway, on to our little project......
We have a metal garage door. It faces west and gets full sun in the afternoon. Last summer, you could walk into the garage, and as you got near the door, you could feel the heat radiating from the metal as the hot summer sun bakes the door.
So we decided to insulate the door. The door already has the tracks like it was made to have insulation. So we bought 2 'kits' since we have a large double door.
They are pre-cut for the width and just needed to be trimmed for length.
It was happily an easy project. The worst part was all the Styrofoam bits that were everywhere. But I backed the cars out and vacuumed them all up. This should certainly help keep the garage a little cooler this summer.
Well, that's all I got for now....

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I've been hacked!

I got an e-mail this morning from IHG Rewards Club. I have an IHG credit card and the rewards club is where the points go when I use it. That gave me free nights and discounted nights on my last trip back to Michigan. Anyway, I got an e-mail stating I had changed my profile. But....I had not! So...I first tried logging in and was told my e-mail or pin was wrong. Well, I knew something was wrong so I called them to figure out what was going on. I find out, someone had gotten into my account, changed my e-mail address and used my points to book a room in China! China of all places! So after stating I was not going to China and had not changed my e-mail address and went through numerous security questions, they closed my account, cancelled that reservation, opened a new account and transferred my points there. Whew!
 Thankfully, I check my e-mail a couple times a day, and had just received that one an hour earlier.
It pays to be vigilant!
I was surprised that someone would hack me since i didn't have many points left after last year, but apparently enough to book a room in China!   :-)
So, that's my excitement for today. I'm still taking it easy. I'm feeling much better, but want to ease back into activities. We have friends coming out to Vegas on Tuesday and I need to do some cleaning. Maybe a little today and dive into it tomorrow.
So that's it for now...

Saturday, February 10, 2018

I'm a wee bit sick

Good morning.
Well, it's been nearly a week since our cruise. We got back home Saturday afternoon. And though we managed to survive an entire week on a ship in close quarters with 3000 passengers and 1000 crew, we didn't get sick with either a norovirus, cold or flu. But.......
Thursday, I came down with a cold.   :-(
So, staying close to home and trying to rest and drink fluids. Had to turn down a couple of patio parties, and haven't walked in a couple of days.
But, a cold is better than the flu.
So, since we've been back, we've had beautiful weather with highs in the 70's. We're going back into normal with temps in the high 60's this weekend. Before my cold hit, I did manage to cut back and re-pot both of my Bells of Fire, and my Bougainvillea vine into larger pots. The pots they were in were okay, but the extreme summer heat dries them out to much. And since everything is on a scheduled drip watering system, They would either be too wet or too dry. So larger pots hopefully will do the trick.   :-)
I also made another blueberry pie. Very good! And Craig did our taxes. We owe $4.   :-/
Apparently I slightly miscalculated the health care subsidies and they overpaid by $4 so I have to pay it back. This will be the last year we have to deal with that since I'll switch to Medicare in October.
And we were thinking of another cruise. A short 4 day cruise. Carnival e-mailed me a good discount. But then we realized our passports would be too close to expiring, so we'll take care of that, and maybe I'll get another special from Carnival.
Well, that's all for now.
Take care and stay well.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Recap of the cruise.....

Good morning.
So, Our cruise left Long Beach CA on Sat around 4:30 pm. Sailed all day Sunday and arrived in Cabo on Monday.
After we got on board, we checked out our room and unpacked our luggage. They had 3 large closets. Plenty of room for all our stuff.  Then we went to a bar to activate our prepaid drink package. They charge for pretty much anything you want to drink and the prices are higher than on shore, so it made sense to us to buy what they called the  Cheers beverage program. It gives you up 15 alcoholic drinks a day and unlimited water and soft drinks. And that even includes any of their specialty cocktails. We never hit the 15 limit, but after the cruise I figured  what we had and we came out way ahead of what we would have if we payed as we went. Regular cocktails were $7.50 and specialty drinks went up to $15. Anyway, we got a drink and began to explore the ship. The Carnival Splendor is a large ship. Holds 3000 passengers and 1000 crew. The typical ship in their fleet holds 2000 passengers. The main decks with things to do were on decks 3, 5, 9, 10, and 11. The other decks were all guest rooms.
Here's a floor plan of deck 9.....

Our room is marked with a black arrow. So we were close to everything on this deck.
This deck had 2 pools, the lido restaurant which is a buffet and 4 satellite fast food outlets that included 24 hour pizza, a deli, a hamburger, hot dog place, and a tandoori place.It also had 3 bars.
And on deck 5....

In front was the balcony entrance to the showroom, then shops. then a casino and bar, a coffee shop, piano bar, wine bar, nightclub, and the Moroccan  lounge where they also had smaller shows.
Down on deck 3...

In front was the main entrance to the showroom, then the main lobby and lobby bar, then in the middle and back the 2 sit down restaurants.
Up on deck 10 was the second level of the Lido restaurant and lot's of deck with lounge chairs and deck 11 was more deck with lounge chairs and a spa.
So on Sunday, our first full day at sea, we got a good feel of where everything was.
Our 7 day cruise included one day at sea down one day in each of the 3 ports, and 2 days back. The day we boarded was considered the first day.
Monday, we arrived late in Cabo for some reason ans because there was another cruise ship there, there weren't enough tender boats, so it took a long time to get people to shore that wanted to go. We decided to stay on the ship and enjoy all the amenities.  Oh, and did I say, all the food is included in the fare. You could literally eat 24-7. I believe we each gained 20 lbs that week.   :-)
We sailed that evening and arrived the next morning in Mazatlan.  Spent the day wandering the town and that evening we sailed again, arriving in Pueto Vallarta the next morning.  This was our favorite stop as it's a big city with a lot more culture and sightseeing.  We sailed again that evening and spent the next 2 days at sea heading back to Long Beach.  They had dozens of activities scheduled throughout the day. A schedule was in our room every day so we could pick and choose what we wanted to partake in.
All in all, a very nice time. Would like to maybe do an Alaskan cruise next.
And here's some cute animals that were in our room each day.....

They even had a towel folding demonstration one day so you could see how they are made.
So that was pretty much our cruise. I could go on and on about the entertainment and food, but I think I've bored you enough.    :-)

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Puerto Vallarta

Good afternoon.
Since I have some time, I'll do a post on Puerto Vallarta.
 If you look real close, you'll see Craig standing on the aft deck in port, and look what's across the street from the dock...
 That's right, a Walmart! And  a Sam's Club. I guess they are everywhere!   :-)
 We really enjoyed our stop here. It's a large city with so much to see and do. We're thinking of coming back for a week next winter.
 Sand sculptures on the beach..... They have a miles long promenade along the beach with numerous sculptures....

 Of course I didn't take many pics as usual.
And here's their famous church with a very unique dome....
It was a nice stop, and we enjoyed the culture and ambiance.
Tomorrow, hopefully, a recap on the trip.......with towel animals....