Wednesday, December 13, 2017

a trip to the strip.

Good afternoon.
We've just returned from an overnight down on the 'strip'.   We stayed at Ellis Island Casino/hotel on Koval, about a long block from the strip. Nice little motel with 300 rooms and a cozy casino. Stayed there because the price was good, it's a Wyndham member, and I needed one more night this year to reach Platinum. Rooms had been recently remodeled so was really quite nice.
Walked up and down a good part of the strip, people watching and checking out the Christmas displays. Here's the every popular display at the Bellagio Conservatory....

They do such a beautiful job every season. Definitely worth the trip! And here's a pic of the High Roller at the end of the Linq.
And no, we haven't been on it yet. It's billed as the worlds tallest observation wheel. Takes a little over half an hour for a full rotation.
Strip wasn't as busy as other times we've been there, but their slow time is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So it was nice not having to fight the heavy crowds. 
And it was a nice overnight diversion from our quiet little community.    :-)

Monday, December 11, 2017

another post

Good morning.
I've just returned from my morning walk. it's a nippy 37 out this morning. But going to reach 67 today.   :-)
Here's a couple of pics. The first is the entrance to our community center....
And the second a pic of the shuffleboard, tennis and pickle ball courts.
 We did Sunday brunch at the Aliante casino with a few neighbors yesterday. I ate way too much! But everything is good and there are are lot of choices. That's why we don't go often. I can't just eat a little. And part of me wants to get my money's worth, which is crazy, since we always have buy one get one coupons. The Sunday buffet, with unlimited champagne, is only $10.99. So that means each of us is eating and drinking for just $5.50 each. Where can you eat and drink for that price?   :-)
I also got my letter acknowledging acceptance into my new insurance plan. Made my first payment and now I can go online and find a new doctor. And just in case it takes me a while to get in, I was able to get another refill for my blood pressure meds. I'm good there now for another 3+ months.
We also got and assembled our new shoe rack.....

 It holds 6 pairs of shoes.
We had a bench type shoe cabinet back in Michigan, but didn't think we'd have enough room in our cube to bring it out. Unfortunately, we ended up having quite a bit of extra room in the cube, But we had already gotten rid of a lot of stuff. Oh well. We do like this style better, and got a real good price online.
Well, that's all I know for now....

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

busy time

Good morning.
It's been a busy few days since my last post.
First off, I made another apple pie...
 I must be getting better as they are looking a bit more professional.   :-)
I also put burlap over the gate going into the back yard....
We get some strong winds and they blow right between the buildings and through the gate.
The reason for this is along that side wall, just over half way down, I planted a Bougainvillea vine in a pot. It's technically not hardy to the Vegas area, although I've seen a few that look pretty good size.
It all depends on the 'micro climate' it has. They recommend planting it in the ground, next to a south facing wall. Mine is against a south facing wall, but in a pot. We're not allowed to plant anything within 3 ft of the lot line. But pots can be put anywhere. So, to try and get it through the winter, I put burlap on the gate, and I wrapped the pot and lower stalks with Christmas lights then put chicken wire around that and then a good wrapping of burlap. Supposedly, the lights will keep the pot and soil just a bit warmer than the surrounding air. We'll see if that is enough to survive our winter. Of course, it'll also depend on if we have a warm, normal, or cold winter. But it looked so good this year, I'd like to keep it. We'll see!
And today, after our free senior slot tournament, we're going to Big Dog's Tavern for lunch. They have delicious Wisconsin Kielbasas. Found this place using a coupon from our Las Vegas book....

We bought this book for $37 last January, and it has loads of coupons. We've used coupons for free slot play, discounted buffets, and drinks and dining. It's a real good value for the price. We're trying to use up a few more coupons before the book expires on Dec. 31st.
And with that, time to go....

Saturday, December 02, 2017

3 posts in 3 days

Good afternoon.
I know! 3 posts in 3 days!
Anyway, Craig saw this package while we were shopping at Walmart last week......
Caramel Apple cake mix with Caramel frosting. He wanted to try it, so, one of our neighbors was having a pizza patio party yesterday, so he thought it was a good time to try it out. We made cupcakes instead of cake, and they turned out pretty good! Wouldn't want to eat too many as there is a ton of calories in the frosting. We did use applesauce in the mix instead of oil to cut the calories there, but the frosting comes ready in a can and no making that better. But they were good!
And I went to the fitness center this morning and took a couple of pics....
Unfortunately, this pic doesn't show the golf course and mountains we get to look at while exercising.
It wasn't very busy this morning, maybe 5 other people there. That's why I thought it would be okay to take a couple of pics. As you can see, a lot of equipment.
And I received my new Chromebook yesterday and after playing around with it I'm very satisfied.  I was even able to load Crossover on it which allows me to play windows games on it besides games from the Chrome Store. It'll be perfect for what I need it for.
 And I finally got my letter from my new insurance company, so after I pay my first premium, they'll send me a card. And now I can go online and find a new doctor. Fortunately, my blood pressure meds should last into January.
Well, that's it for now...

Friday, December 01, 2017

Craig's a winner

Good morning.
Slot tournament update.....
Went to the casino Thursday morning and found that Craig had won $25.  Out of 100 people they give prizes to, he ended up 6th from the bottom, but that was still good enough for $25. Nice! That's the 4th time in a year Craig or I have won . It's not a lot, but it doesn't cost us anything either. We walk in the casino, over to the tournament area, play for 3 min. and leave. Of course, they're hopping people stay and play or eat, but we don't. I imagine a lot of people do though. When we checked the results on the paper they post by the cashier booth, there were 852 people that played the tournament between 10am and 7pm that Wed. so I would imagine a good number also stayed and played and/or ate there too.
In other news......
Here's a couple of pics people posted to our neighborhood Next Door website.......

Yes, they are Coyotes roaming our community. Now, in all my morning walks I've done, I've never seen any, but I have neighbors who have. I've even seen other walkers in the morning carrying sticks or golf clubs which I suppose is to possibly fend off an attack. But from what I've read, there have been no reports of Coyotes attacking people. They're here for the rabbits and quail, which we have a crap load of. So I'm not concerned. They're looking for an easy meal, and I'm a lot bigger than they are.    :-)
So lucky you! I did 2 posts in 2 days.     :-)
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