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Monday, October 29, 2018

staying busy

Good morning.
I've just returned from my morning walk. Another beautiful, sunny, 63 out this morning.
Here's a pic of the full moon I took on my walk a few days ago.
And because of the valley surrounded by mountains, we get some unusual cloud formations...
On Saturdays, I go to the fitness center instead of walking. I don't take pics because it's not proper to do when other people are working out. But last Saturday morning, there were only 2 other people there.
Look closely, and I'm in the top pic too!
Me on the elliptical. I do some free weights, followed by using some machines, then I finish with 20-30 minutes on the elliptical. Through those windows on the other side of the room is the swimming pool.
This is the view I have while on the elliptical. It looks out over one of the fairways and the sheep mountains in the distance.
And I finished my next puzzle....
I have a dermatologist appt. this morning. It's a follow up on my last visit. Of the 2 skin samples he took, neither were cancer or even precancerous. The lab did say I had inflammation on the nose cells, that's the reason for this appointment. Why I need to see him for that, I don't know. I guess I'll find out today.
Well, time to get going....

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wednesday update.

Good morning.
I've returned from my morning walk. A beautiful 61 out this morning.
Yesterday, Craig and I got our flu shots. We got the high dose ones because of our advance age.   :-)
I also got my first pneumococcal shot,  Previnar 13.  I have to wait a year for the second one. Craig had his first shot in July.
We usually get our flu shots earlier, but waited under the advice of info we read online. Since our cruise is late Jan, waiting until late October to get our shot will give us maximum protection during the cruise.
Of course, I now have 2 sore shoulders.   :-/
We tried to early vote yesterday at our community center, but the line was crazy long. They say there are a lot of early voters this year. We'll try again today at a tent over near Target, or a trailer by Lowe's. What's nice in Vegas, is they have dozens of early voting sites around the county and you can vote at any of them.
I've also started some 'spring' cleaning in the house. I all of a sudden have noticed all this dust on everything! So yesterday, I cleaned all the ceiling fans. Today, I'll start on all the wood window blinds.
 And here's the latest puzzle we completed yesterday......
An easy 500 piece.
Also, for an unusual treat yesterday, we got a bucket of KFC! I love that greasy chicken! We have enough for leftovers that we'll eat tomorrow. Today Craig is making Pork and Sauerkraut.
Well, I guess that's all for now....

Sunday, October 21, 2018

more than a little wet.

Good morning.
I've just returned from my walk......and I'm soaked!
Never heard me say that before right?
 We had rain  move through the valley during the night. Must be the first measurable rain in months! Well, I walk with a neighbor in the early mornings who texted me this morning asking if I was walking. I checked the radar, and it appeared the bulk of the rain was either north or west of us, so I said yes. We headed out for a 40 minute walk. About half way, it started to rain lightly. We said, we won't melt, it's only water, and how often do you get a chance to walk in the rain in Las Vegas? Well, shortly after that, it started to really rain. We said, well, we're going to get wet, but it's just water. Then, there was lightning! We said, hope we get home safely, as there is no place to shelter, unless we go up to a neighbors entryway. Then, out of the blue, my phone rings. I look, thinking it's probably a robo call from Michigan, as I kept my Michigan number, and have been getting a lot of calls for political ads.
But instead, it's Craig! He should have been sleeping and must have half heard the thunder and got up to see if I was there or had gone walking. Anyway, he came and picked us up.   :-)
By that time, we were drenched! It was so nice of him to get out of bed and come get us. I told my friend, 'I bet your husband is still sleeping when you get home".
And she texted me later and said, yes, he was.   :-)
I've got a good guy!   :-)
In other news.....
I've finished my next puzzle.
This one was 1000 pieces and quite a challenge. But enjoying a challenge, I did like doing this one.
The neighbor I usually walk with took us out to lunch earlier this week with her husband to BJ's. A nice bar/restaurant over on the west side of the northern valley. Craig and I have eaten there before, and really enjoy the food. They bought us lunch to thank us for getting their mail and keeping an eye on their house when they are back in Illinois. It was very nice of them, and I keep telling them it's not necessary as I'm retired and it gives me something to do. But anyway, we started with an appetizer platter followed by a fried chicken, ham, and bacon sandwich, and then, we all shared a giant hot cookie with ice cream on it. Everything was delicious! And I was so stuffed after wards.  Craig and I skipped dinner that day.   :-)
And what seems to be a fall ritual here, I had to put air in both car tires, as the low tire pressure monitor came on. Every fall when the temp starts to cool, they do this. And I always need to put 5-7 lbs of air in every tire. The summer heat must cause air to escape or something. Who knows.
This morning, I have a fritter thawing, and after my shower, I'll go get the Sunday paper, and we'll have our fritter, coffee, and Sunday paper out on the patio. Our regular Sunday routine when the weather is mild.
So time for me to go.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

birthday fun and pie

Good morning.
I've returned from my morning walk. A beautiful 58 out this morning.
This weekend is our communities bi-annual neighborhood yard sale. I took my done puzzles and a few other things over to a neighbors sale since I didn't have enough for one myself.
Made $4.  :-/
I'll take the rest of the puzzles and donate them to goodwill.
And here's my 2 latest puzzles I've done....
And if you remember, we went down to Fremont st for my Birthday, and spent the night at the D.
Had a good time. Didn't do too bad gambling. Kind of broke even.
Here's a pic of Craig at on the the sidewalk restaurants....

And above, here  is Craig on Fremont St. You'll notice all the pics are of him since I have the phone and he doesn't like talking pics. He is trying to show a guy from the Netherlands where we lived in Michigan. You can see the "D" where we stayed the night is right behind Craig.
We even had White Castle hamburgers for dinner!
So I had a very nice birthday. It was fun people watching. Between the tourists and street performers, always a lot of interesting sights.
Then with Black Seedless grapes on sale for .77 lb, I decided to make a grape / cherry pie.

Had half a bag of frozen cherries I mixed with the grapes. Boy, is it good!
Well, that's it for now.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

pre birthday fun.

Good morning.
A big cool down here in the valley. It was 57 out this morning for my walk. had to wear a hoodie!   :-)
High today only 78. a week ago, it was 98. This big temp swing is more like Michigan than Vegas. We should be around 85 this time of year.
Had my routine teeth cleaning Monday, apparently all is good for another 6 months.
Had dinner at the Salted Lime inside our Aliante Casino yesterday with several neighbors who've returned from their summer travels. Was nice to catch up and visit.
Then someone had to mention that it was my birthday, and could they sing. Thankfully, the waitress said after the last time they sung happy birthday to a guest, the manager said they sounded terrible and couldn't do it anymore.   :-)
So instead, I got a free fried Ice Cream! It was really good!
So a fun evening!
Today, we're going down to Fremont street to use some coupons from my book and to people watch.
I've got 5 coupons for $10 each in free slot play at 5 different downtown casinos, and a coupon for buy one get one at the New York Chili Dog place. Should be a fun day.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

I'm late

Good evening.
I didn't realize it's been over a week since my last post. How time flies when you're having fun.   :-)
 So here goes......
Here's the last puzzle I did last week.....

Took some time. Kind of a busy one.
And here's a sunrise one morning on my walk.....
Then, for lunch one day, I made a ham omelet.....

I'm getting sooo good at making these!
And here's the last 2 puzzles I did......

And an interesting thing I noticed.....
An advertisement on a banana.......
An actual advertisement of a movie on a banana peel!
I tell you, someone is always thinking of ways to get their message to you.   :-/
I thought it was bad enough you saw them on your cash register receipt.
I guess it's a sign of the times. I suppose I should be happy it's not a political ad.
Had enchilada soup for lunch today. A gift from a neighbor as thanks who just returned from being gone for the summer and I picked up their mail. So nice of her.
Another neighbor I've been getting mail for is returning this evening, and the last one, is coming back the end of the month.
I've been walking every day, and on Saturday's I've gone to the fitness center.
The weather here has cooled significantly. Last week we were near 100, and today, a high of only 70. That is a big change! we should be around 85 this time of year so we've gone from way above normal to way below. Kind of feels like I'm back in Michigan!
Well, a routine dentist visit tomorrow, and that's all I've got for now......