Thursday, October 19, 2017

a weekday update.

Good morning.
Our beautiful fall weather continues! Low 80's during the day and low 60's at night. It's been nice weather for walking and it's nice to be able to open windows.  But, in anticipation of cooler weather coming this winter, we got us a little fire pit and tried it out....

We filled it with fire glass and it gives off quite a bit of heat, especially once the glass gets hot. So this will add a nice bit of ambiance on the cold winter evenings.   :-)
Tuesday we got our flu shots. I'm always a little nervous about getting them every since a friend of ours who's always gotten one ended up with a severe reaction and landed in the hospital. Fortunately, he recovered, although it took a long time. But 2 days after my shot, we are both fine.    :-)
Went Wed. for our weekly slot tournament, and as usual, didn't make the threshold.  Maybe next week.
Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Age of Chivalry

Good morning.
Yesterday we went to the Age of Chivalry Festival.

It was in Sunset Park on the south side of the valley.
It's a huge Renaissance festival. Much larger than the ones we've been to back in Michigan.

It wrapped around this entire lake!
It took nearly the entire day to walk around the lake once and see everything.
The weather was perfect! highs in the upper 70's. We've had a cooler than normal October, but still very nice. I'm walking every morning, and again with Craig and our coffee when he gets up.
Craig is cooking a big batch of chili today. We got 93% lean ground beef for only $3.47 a lb.
Yesterday was also the communities bi-annual yard sale. So we took in some of that on our morning walk before heading to the festival. Craig picked up a brand new copper skillet. He's been wanting to try it our after seen so much advertising about it. But they were nearly $30 in the stores and he got this one for $10. He also picked up a brand new sun shade for his Hyundai.
And that's all I've got for now....

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

CAUTION>>>>An almost x-rated pic near the end of this post!

 Good afternoon.
Spent most of my birthday downtown on Fremont St. That's the old Las Vegas. Everything is close together, not spread way out like out on the 'strip'. I had 5 coupons worth $10 each for free slot play at 5 different casinos. We arrived around 1pm, parked the car and  walked a couple of blocks to Fremont street. That's the main street with most of the casinos. I think there's around 10-12 in the downtown area. All within a short walk of each other. Anyway, we got a drink and sat at the outdoor patio at the Four Queens and did some people watching.
 Then we headed to the El Cortez to use my first free play. Had no luck there, so then headed over to the Grand Hotel and checked into our room. This was the first time we've stayed at this hotel, and it was very nice! A spacious room and beautiful bath.
 here's a couple of views from our room on the 23rd floor.
Part of the downtown area and a view toward the northern edge of the valley with the Sheep Mountains in the background. We live just in front of those mountains. That's about 15 miles from our hotel.
After checking in, we headed back out and over to Binions Casino where I managed to get a few dollars profit from my $10. Then to the end of Fremont and The Plaza Hotel/Casino. I didn't do very good, but Craig won about $60. Then back down Fremont St to the 4 Queens where we both did well. After that, we headed back to the Grand, where neither of us had any luck.
So we headed back to the patio in front of the 4 Queens for drinks and people watching.
And this is where you'll see the almost x-rated pic I warned you about in the post title, so leave now if you don't wish to see this........
I wanted to post a pic of what you might see down here on Fremont. There are all sorts of people dressed in all sorts of costumes, and as you see, sometimes not much. They work the crowds for a few bucks. You 'pay' them to have your pic taken with them. And people do!
Anyway, after drinking too much and done people watching, we headed down the street to the new White Castle Hamburger place that opened 2 weeks ago. Got us 12 burgers and headed back to our room. They were soooo good! Love those little sliders!
So, we ate, gambled, people watched, and spent the night. We even came home with about $125 extra from the gambling. That pretty much paid for the food and drinks we had.   :-)
So a very nice birthday!

Saturday, October 07, 2017

full moon

Good afternoon.
Another beautiful day in the valley!
Here's some pics I took of the full moon on my morning walk yesterday......

It's amazing how big the mountains and moon look in person, but so small in pics.
It looked especially pretty with the sun lighting up the Spring Mountains to our west.
And here's a pic of little ole me with the full moon...
Finally got to the dentist. For being over a year since my last cleaning, they weren't too bad. Maybe my electric brush and regular flossing helped.    :-)
 Craig and I were impressed with the office, hygienist, and doctor. A very modern and progressive practice. We'll be going back.
Just booked a little trip for later this fall down to Oceanside CA. It's just about a 6 hour drive from Vegas. For some reason, this will be our first trip to southern California since we moved here. But probably not our last.   :-)
Not much else to say. It's nice and boring here.    :-)

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Vegas Strong

Good morning.
I've just returned from my morning walk. It's a cool 61 out this morning going up to the mid 80's. The strip shooting has dominated the news here since it happened Sunday night. The communities response has been enormous! Immediately after the shooting when the hotels near the event were locked down and people were sent over to the UNLV Thomas Mack Arena, People started showing up with water and food. After the hotels were reopened people came and took what was left to the various blood drives that were set up around the city. People waited in line 6-8 hours to donate blood. They received more blood than they could use and are now asking people to make appointments for future need. While people waited to donate, other people came and gave them water, snacks, and pizza. All the hotels are offering free rooms for victims and their families. Airlines are offering free flights for families. Nearly 8.5 million has been raised so far on their GoFundMe site.

 And all up and down the strip, this was on signs and marquees.
 Vegas Strong
 As with other horrific mass murders, the people of Vegas will not let the actions of one individual define their city. I'm proud to call Vegas my home.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Letting everyone know we are fine. We were not on the strip last night. Such a sad terrible tragedy.   :-(

Sunday, October 01, 2017

It was only 1pm

Good morning.
As promised, More on our visit to the Grand Bazaar shops in front of Bally's. Like I said, we found us a nice table at this little bar with patio seating.
It was right across from Wahlburgers, so a lot of foot traffic and people watching.
While we were there, we saw every kind of person imaginable. And every age possible. Who brings little kids to Vegas? Anyway, at one point, a couple of girls came along and wanted to join us. We said sure, and they both grabbed a chair. They were obviously buzzed on alcohol or drugs or both, and it was only 1pm at this point. We guessed they were in their mid to late 20's maybe. They had arrived that morning from Albuquerque NM.  They were there for a bachelorette party and the guest of honor was in her room as she was to trashed to go out.  :-/   And did I say it was only 1pm?
So they asked us where we were from and such and Craig made the mistake telling them we have been together for 40 years. At that point one of them said, "your like my grandfather!".  OUCH!
The other said, "next time say 20, maybe 15. Ouch again!
So they shared our food, but got nothing to drink, which was probably good, and then left.
Craig could have gone  forever without someone saying grandfather.
But, this is one of the reasons we like coming down to the strip every so often. You see all kinds of things. So after a while, we left, and drove back to our nice quiet age 55 community. Where apparently, we belong.....

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Bellagio Conservatory.

Good morning.
Can you believe? 3 posts in 4 days!
 Well, we've actually been doing something for a change.   :-)
 Yesterday we drove down to the strip to see the conservatory at the Bellagio hotel/casino.
It's a very nice hotel. Very posh. Here's a pic of the pool enclosure I took from a walkway.
The next group of pics were taken in the Bellagio Conservatory. They change it with each season. very elaborate.

It draws big crowds. But then, there's always big crowds down along the strip. Vegas is a very popular resort and convention destination. They are consistently at 80-95% filled. And there are 65,000 rooms just on the strip and a total of about 150,000 rooms in the valley. That's a lot of hotel rooms!    :-)
After checking out the conservatory, we headed across the street to Bally's Grand Bazaar Shops.
It's a huge outdoor bazaar spread out in front of Bally's hotel and casino. They have numerous shops and bars with outdoor seating. Grabbed us a table, had a few drinks and did some serious people watching. And that in itself will be another post.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

is it fall?

Good afternoon.
As I mentioned in the previous post, I had to reinstall the operating system on my puter. One of the biggest issues with that, is all of the updates that you need to download and install.  When you have an 8 year old computer, there are a LOT of updates. Here's one I had a couple of days ago.....
That's right, 197 updates! And they're still coming! I just had a message that there are 9 more that need to be downloaded and installed. This has been going on several times a day now for a week!
But I guess I should be happy I have my puter back, and I am.
Here's a tasty dish I found that we had for lunch, ......
Cucumber, onion, and tomato salad. Really tasty! Here's a link to the recipe....
And we decided to get into the fall spirit. Though it's hard when it's sunny all the time and near 90.    :-)

But it's a nice change.
And hopefully, we found a new dentist. We've put this off for way too long. It''s been a year now since our last cleaning. But with a number of recommendations, we made an appointment for next Wed.  I hope we like them.  
Other than that, not much else to say.    :-)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

some flower pics

Good morning.
First off, I've had to change who comments on my blog from 'anyone' to only those with a google account. I've been getting a slew of spam comments. If you have a gmail account. you have a google account.  And you can always e-mail me with comments as some already do.
Here's a few pics from my morning walk yesterday....

This is a Texas Sage. They are looking really pretty right now. At least when they are pruned to look natural.But some people like to trim them as hedges....
And as with all flowering shrubs, I think they look stupid!

Sunrise over the Sheep Mountains.
The weather has been wonderful. Lows around 60 and highs in the 80's.   :-)
Had a computer issue several days ago. My puter froze while playing an online game. Couldn't get it to even start in safe mode. Ran Kaspersky's rescue disk and even then, it would not load windows. So, I had to do a fresh install. Fortunately, I was able to save all my files to a backup file so the only thing I lost was software. I've spent the last couple of days reinstalling all of that. But I'm up and running again.     :-)
So that's what's kept me busy the last couple of days. This morning is the weekly senior slot tournament. Haven't had any luck the last several weeks, so maybe today.    :-)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

been busy cooking and picking

Good afternoon.
We've had a really strong cold front blow through dropping the temps down into the 70's for highs and around 58 for lows. Much below our normal high of 92.  But it's suppose to get back into the upper 80's early next week. So, to take advantage of the cooler weather, I baked a caramel apple pie....
It turned out delicious! I think I'm getting pretty good at this!   :-)
This morning, we went over to Gilcrease Orchard. It's about 2 miles from our house.
It's a really big place! Acres and acres of trees and plants. 60 acres to be exact.
You park across the street and enter through the gates. There are signs telling you where the produce is. Did I mention, it's a pick your own nursery?

The website lists what is currently available to pick. Today, they had cucumbers, summer squash, butternut squash, pears, Kale and eggplant.
Here's our take....
Some butternut squash, zucchini squash, and cucumbers. Got all this for less than $10.   :-)
And it's all fresh as we picked it our selves, though it's a bit of work searching the rows and rows looking for it. Apples will be ready to pick in October.  Now, you wouldn't think there would be an orchard in the middle of the desert, but it is!
 So, that's what we've been doing the last couple of days.    :-)
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