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Monday, February 26, 2007

May she rest in peace

No, this post is not about Anna Nicole Smith!
That's being done on enough blogs. And that's the topic of the day in the salon. And everyone sure has an opinion! And you know how women love to gossip! But back to my post.
This is about a customer of our salon. Her name is Lois. She's a 'weekly'. (she comes in once a week , has her hair shampooed, set on rollers, dried, ratted up, and combed into one of those fine styles you see on all those elderly woman.)
She is a customer of Pat, another stylist in our salon, though I've done her hair when Pat was away.
Well, Lois died in a car accident last week. Her funeral is tomorrow.
All funeral homes have someone on staff, or on call, to do the deceased person's hair, but sometimes the family will request that the deceased person's stylist do the hair. The family wants to make sure the deceased looks just right for the viewing and funeral.
Now personally, I think this whole funeral thing is creepy! I know it gives people 'closure', being able to 'see' them one last time, but Craig and I are going to be cremated with no viewing or service. I don't want any one gawking at my dead body! I don't want that to be the last memory you have of me!
But back to Lois. Pat's done her hair for many years. The funeral home called to see if Pat would be willing to do this. I've been to funeral homes before, about 5 times now, but she hasn't. So she has asked me if I'd come along for support, and help, if she decides she can't do it. I've personally have never had a problem going to funeral homes. Though it is a little harder to do their hair when they're lying down.
The funeral home will have Lois all 'prepared', dressed, and her hair washed and dried. She will be laying on a table. All we have to do is curl it with a curling iron, and comb it into her usual style. Won't need to rat it all up, won't have to last that long.
So we're off to the funeral home this morning to make sure Lois looks as good as possible for her viewing today, and her funeral tomorrow.
May she rest in Peace!

oh.... and by the way, we have a standing joke in the salon with the customers. The last one is free!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

which foot first?

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for work. I was putting on my shoes and thought to myself. I always put my shoes on the same way. Left foot first, than right foot, then tie left foot, then tie right foot. It made my wonder how I created that particular pattern.
After work, while Craig and I were talking about the day, I asked to put his shoes on. He looks at me quizzically, and proceeds to put his shoes on. Right foot first, ties right foot, then left foot, then ties left foot, I say okay now you can take them off. He gives me that,'you are a f#*kin nut!' look. Which he kinda does a lot! So then I explain the reason behind all this saying I thought it was interesting how people do the same thing differently. He says he does it that way because he's right handed. I say, so am I. And he tells me 'but your a f#*kin nutcase!' I just think whatever.

This is just one of those cute little things
he'll remember about me someday.

Well, that, and a couple of other things
I won't get into here.

This blog is rated G.

So anyway, how do you put your shoes on?
And you don't need to go into vivid detail.
I don't have a foot fetish!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

frozen fog

Yesterday when I was getting ready for work,
I checked the NWS web site.
Always a smart thing to do here in
Michigan in the winter.
Weather here can literally change
over nite.
We were under a frozen fog advisory.
I always find fog to be a fascinating
Eerily mysterious, and yet strangely calming.

But frozen fog?
that just sounds stupid!
What's going to happen?
your driving down the street,
thru a thick blanket of fog,
and all of a sudden ,
you might hit a wall of frozen fog?
I realise they mean moisture from the fog could freeze on the pavement. But you'd think they could find a better way to say it.
Okay, enough of this, I'm off to work.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our history in pictures

As promised, this post will let you see Craig and I how we've, let's say, "progressed" over the last 30 years.
We finally got thru all the albums and the stacks and stacks of packets of pictures. What a job! We had albums containing pictures thru 1991, but then never organised any more. Just piled packets and packets of pictures in boxes.
But it does feel liberating to
finally accomplish that task!
So, the 2 pictures here are
our newest and oldest.
The first is at the family
Christmas from Dec.
The second is from 1976.
At a New Years Eve party.

For all the pics in between,
or at least some of the
ones I've uploaded,
go to this album,

our history in pictures

One thing I've noticed,
besides me getting thinner on top,
is how skinny we were!
How the moustaches came and went!
And all the different hairstyles!
Though that's probably from
being in the business.

Hope you enjoy our trip down
memory lane.
We did!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

all about Craig

We've been busy digging thru more and more old photos. I didn't realize it would be so much work. And lots of time scanning! We're still not done yet.
But not to worry, we are finding some treasured pics.
Can any one say MULLET?
Any way, while going thru the pics,
we came upon some of Craig's
that were pre Wayne and Craig.
After Craig got his masters from MSU,
he went to work for Texaco.
Worked on the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.
He would spend days at a time
out there on these things.
Here he is sitting in a massive pipe
trying to stay out of the sun.
Oh, and he said he was reading Jaws.
The reason for this post is all the time
he was on that platform, he had to wear
a hard hat, company rules.
Well, we just received our
latest issue of truck-n-tow magazine
and they had a new solution for
the ugly hard hat.
I wonder. What's next?
Can you see construction workers
wearing cowboy hats on the job?
Oh...... that suddenly gives me
lots of visuals......

Friday, February 16, 2007

teaser post

This is just a teaser post.

I told you I was going to show you Craig and I thru the years. But we're still looking thru the pictures.
I thought I'd put a pic here to keep you full of anticipation!
And with Craig's permission of course.
This picture was taken on our first of 2 trips to Hawaii. In 1983!
Of course I hope you'll recognize that Craig is in the upper right corner, and I'm in the lower right corner. We went to Hawaii to see our former bosses, Rick and Tom. We bought our first salon from them in 1981, before they moved to Hawaii. Rick is next to Craig and Tom is 2 over from me. I don't remember who the guy and girl is but the guy next to me is a slut.
Oh, did I say a bad thing?
Well, that's another long story I won't get into here.
For my newer readers, our current pics can be found under the me link, then scroll down 2 posts.
I'll post more of our pics when we finally sort thru them all.
Don't we have cool mustaches? Was that like an 80's thing?
Wow! I had a lot of hair back then.
Do you really want to see more?
Of course, click on the pic to see us better.
I know you want to.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

too wierd

Okay, I wasn't planning on posting today, but I got home early yesterday, and was reading some blogs. I came across this on no matter what. Mike is usually a more serious type blogger, with very interesting posts. So either I'm seeing his lighter side, or some one hijacked him.
Any way, look at this illusion and see if you can decipher it. If not, hold your fingers on the outer edges of you eyes and gently pull them until the text becomes clear. Weird huh!

He has some more fun signage on his post, so go see and tell him I sent you.

Oh and I also noticed, that if you back away from the screen for about 4 feet, the words appear also. Still weird right? And they don't change back again till you blink! I love crasy stuff like this!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

more old photos

I've spent a lot of time lately going thru old photos.
I have boxes full of them. We always took tons of pictures on our travels. We've covered a lot of the US. Most of the pictures were of scenic shots. After many years, a lot of them look the same. So I've been throwing out tons of them, saving just the ones that really mean something.
I've also started scanning the older ones. You know from the 35mm days, before digital cameras. I love digital cameras, except now I take even more pics.

I'm also uploading some to Webshots .
A picture hosting site.
And it Free! I always like Free!
I like Websots over some other picture sites
because I can up load 50 pics at a time
instead of only 6 or less.
Some of the pictures I ran across,
were the building of my pond and
Some stepping stones I made.
I built the pond in 2001 I think.
Here's a link to the album for any one who's interested.

The pond is approx. 15 x 30 feet.
I started it in the summer, and finished
it the following summer.

I also made some stepping stones.
The ones in the garden centers were too small.
I wanted ones more like 2-3 feet across.
Here's the link for the making
of the stepping stone.
stepping stone

I'm still going to post pics of Craig and I thru the years, but I've got more pics to go thru first, and of course Craig already told me he has to approve of the final set. So I don't embarrass him I guess.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Day

Yesterday was a do nothing day.
It's hard to be ambitious when it's cold and dreary outside. So I stayed in and caught up on some blogs and played my computer game.
Craig did laundry and book work, and then made another delicious meal.
Swiss steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, and scalloped corn.
I was even too lazy to take a pic of that.

Over on It's a blog eat blog world, Mo does a Manic Monday meme.
I was thinking of joining in, but I'm not much of a meme kinda guy.

So today I'll post a few pics of Bobby Gremillion.
Bobby is my nephew, my sister Linda's son.
He was just sent back to Iraq for his second tour.
He arrived safely in Ramadi. The pics here are from
his first tour in 2005. Linda didn't have any current
pics of him in uniform.

So here is one of him in uniform,
in his room on base,
and the tank he trained in.
It"s called a Paladin,
if you want to Google it.

I know everyone has very strong
feelings about this war,
but let's hope all of our service
men and woman get back safely.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Disturbing Trend

As I've been blogging now for some time, and reading who knows how many dozens of blogs,
(they can become quite addictive) I've noticed what I believe to be a disturbing trend.

I've always known about Google AdSense, and find that a perfectly acceptable way to help generate revenue to pay for blogs of people who want their own domain. And I've even clicked on some intersting ads.

What I find disturbing is a practice I've noticed on a number of blogs.

There appears to be numerous companies that will pay a blogger to write what is
essentially an ad as one of their posts. Though some bloggers put a disclaimer
at the top of the post, How would a reader know for sure if the post is a personal
review of a product or service, or a paid advertisement?

I have no problem with people making money off their blogs, but to deceive loyal readers, I find very dishonest.
I have in the past recommended several products and services. Some are even in my favorite links. But I have personally used each of them and recommend them only to help others either save some money or assist them with finding free or great services. My blog is hosted by a free service, so i don't need to have ads here. (though we all could use more money) and you will never find anything recommended here that I haven't already used.
I write my blog for the simple pleasure it gives me in sharing a small part of my life with my family, friends, and who ever else stumbles on my little blog and possibly finds it interestingly enough to read.
Okay, I'm done..... I don't rant often, And I'll try not to do it again...... At least for awhile.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

busy, busy

Since my last post, I've been busy with some projects.
Catching rabbits, (I've got 3 so far) Booking motor home trips, (I've got 6 so far)
and organizing and thinning my vast overload of pictures!
Of course besides working!

Here's just one of the many piles
I've dug thru deciding what to
keep and what to toss.
And of course the memory
trip along the way.
Just for fun I'll scan some
of the pics later to show you how Craig and I
have progressed over the years.
It will be hilarious!

I've been reading my latest issue of PC World, and for all the bloggers who have fled Blogger for Word Press, You may want to read the latest edition of PC World.
(that World thing has a nice ring don't you think?)
They did a comparison of several free
and inexpensive programs
and rated Blogger Tops!
Read about it here PC World
I personally have been very pleased
with Blogger. And like I've
always said, Free is good!

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's all about the weather

As I write this post this morning,
it is a balmy
8 degrees below zero!
With a wind chill
of -22 degrees!

This is a pic out the
front window of the
wind blowing the snow.
Good thing we live
90 miles from the lake,
They had blizzard
conditions there.
Here we only got
a couple of inches.

Yesterday it got all
the way up to 4 degrees!
Today will be warmer.
They are predicting
a high of 9 degrees.
And it looks like a very
cold week ahead for us.

At least I don't live in
International Falls, Minnesota,
where it is currently a -29 degrees!

I wish I was in my motor home
somewhere in Mexico!


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Crazy Cat!

I was sent this video, and I thought some of my readers would like it.
So this video is for ,
John and Derek
Onion Boy
and any other cat lovers!
Has anyone's cat ever done anything like this?
He is just too cute!
Or very bored!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I caught another Rabbit!

This time in one of the smaller traps.
I don't know how many I'll eventually catch,
but one year I "relocated" 13!
You don't realize how many of these
varmints are in your neighborhood.
If you see one, you probably have many!

Well, I have to "relocate" him.

I know they look cute,
and I'd bet they'd make a great stew!

To bad Craig doesn't like Rabbit!

Friday, February 02, 2007

funny Friday

For this installment of funny Friday , since everyone had such a good time with the
"How Normal are You" quiz, Let's do a kissing quiz! And of course, I chose this one because.......

Are You a Good Kisser?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rabbit update

I caught one of the little bastards!

Sorry, I didn't mean to yell,
but I was very excited to finally
catch one of those
despicable foreign invaders!
They may look cute,
But as we all know,
looks can be deceiving!
And they are a real menace!
They can devour an entire
shrub in a matter of weeks!
I set three traps . Bait them with carrots.
Two smaller one's like the bottom pic
and a larger one like the top pic.
We've had snow on the ground now for some time, there's no grass or plants to eat, so the little bugger's are getting hungry enough to risk the trap's.
And for you animal lover's out there, don't worry.
I won't drown him in the creek, or twist his little head off with my bare hands!
He will be entered into the Wayne Relocation Program
He'll be sent f-a-r away to live the rest of his miserable little life terrorizing someone else's yard.......maybe yours!