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Saturday, February 24, 2007

which foot first?

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for work. I was putting on my shoes and thought to myself. I always put my shoes on the same way. Left foot first, than right foot, then tie left foot, then tie right foot. It made my wonder how I created that particular pattern.
After work, while Craig and I were talking about the day, I asked to put his shoes on. He looks at me quizzically, and proceeds to put his shoes on. Right foot first, ties right foot, then left foot, then ties left foot, I say okay now you can take them off. He gives me that,'you are a f#*kin nut!' look. Which he kinda does a lot! So then I explain the reason behind all this saying I thought it was interesting how people do the same thing differently. He says he does it that way because he's right handed. I say, so am I. And he tells me 'but your a f#*kin nutcase!' I just think whatever.

This is just one of those cute little things
he'll remember about me someday.

Well, that, and a couple of other things
I won't get into here.

This blog is rated G.

So anyway, how do you put your shoes on?
And you don't need to go into vivid detail.
I don't have a foot fetish!


  1. I remember reading about side dominance, that each of us favor one side, either left or right, and it often does not coincide with our hand dominance.

    Some other ways of determining side dominance is what hand do you use to open doors and what foot do you first step with going up stairs.

    most of us will use the same arm and foot each and every time.

  2. Left foot first.
    And I'm right-handed (following up on Scott's theory)

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Left handed, so right foot first, always. Guess Scott's theory has some validity.

  4. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I think I usually put my right sock on first, but I've never really paid attention. :P

    *Hugs* <3


  5. Have no idea. None. But, however, I DO have a foot fettish unlike you! Hehehe.

  6. I am right handed and put my right sock on, then my right shoe. Then I do the left foot. I have always been the rxception to the rule. Lah! Love the music!

  7. right, tie, left, tie

    reminds me of an archie bunker story:

    he and the meathead had to leave the house quickly when meathead put on a sock and a shoe and a sock and a shoe. archie thought it was something like unamerican. "everyone else puts on a sock and a sock then a shoe and a shoe he says".

    meathead, to counter him says something like, "what if it was snowing or raining out and there was a fire and you didn't get to finish putting on your shoes. you'd be in wet stocking feet and i'd have one dry foot..."

    of course, archie gives him that look of the light almost going on in his head and possibly understanding but goes sheeesh and brushes him off.

    i've always remembered that scene.

    now, that would be something to consider. what inane scene from a tv show, movie, etc that's totally sensless sticks out in your mind that you'll never forget and what does it really mean about you?

    just asking...


  8. I've got as great one for ya: my daddy puts his boots on THEN his pants! Don't know how he manages to do it but he does.

  9. left pant leg, right pant leg, left sock right sock, left shoe right would be more interesting to SEE how everyone takes it off!

  10. I did a workshop over the weekend and one of the things we were asked to do was change a personal pattern for ninety days.

    One of the ones suggested was just what you're talking about, putting shoes on.

    I'm a right sock, left sock, right shoe, left shoe guy myself. But I decided to do the wallet suggestion for the workshop. I've gone from left back to right front.