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Monday, February 26, 2007

May she rest in peace

No, this post is not about Anna Nicole Smith!
That's being done on enough blogs. And that's the topic of the day in the salon. And everyone sure has an opinion! And you know how women love to gossip! But back to my post.
This is about a customer of our salon. Her name is Lois. She's a 'weekly'. (she comes in once a week , has her hair shampooed, set on rollers, dried, ratted up, and combed into one of those fine styles you see on all those elderly woman.)
She is a customer of Pat, another stylist in our salon, though I've done her hair when Pat was away.
Well, Lois died in a car accident last week. Her funeral is tomorrow.
All funeral homes have someone on staff, or on call, to do the deceased person's hair, but sometimes the family will request that the deceased person's stylist do the hair. The family wants to make sure the deceased looks just right for the viewing and funeral.
Now personally, I think this whole funeral thing is creepy! I know it gives people 'closure', being able to 'see' them one last time, but Craig and I are going to be cremated with no viewing or service. I don't want any one gawking at my dead body! I don't want that to be the last memory you have of me!
But back to Lois. Pat's done her hair for many years. The funeral home called to see if Pat would be willing to do this. I've been to funeral homes before, about 5 times now, but she hasn't. So she has asked me if I'd come along for support, and help, if she decides she can't do it. I've personally have never had a problem going to funeral homes. Though it is a little harder to do their hair when they're lying down.
The funeral home will have Lois all 'prepared', dressed, and her hair washed and dried. She will be laying on a table. All we have to do is curl it with a curling iron, and comb it into her usual style. Won't need to rat it all up, won't have to last that long.
So we're off to the funeral home this morning to make sure Lois looks as good as possible for her viewing today, and her funeral tomorrow.
May she rest in Peace!

oh.... and by the way, we have a standing joke in the salon with the customers. The last one is free!


  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    *Hugs* to you all.

  2. Good for you. I had never really thought about this, but it seems to me you're doing a service that few people are willing to, and one that could potentially effect the memories that mourners have of Lois. Thanks for doing something surely underappreciated.

  3. Sorry about Lois.
    You're a good friend to accompany Pat to the funeral home to see to Lois' last 'do.
    I never thought of having to do their final coiff while they're lying down! I suppose it would be too morbid (or too stiff, as the case may be) to get them to be propped up for the occasion....
    like you, I will be cremated.

  4. That's a nice thing to do for Lois. She probably would have wanted her final style done by the people who have always done it. I'm sure the family appreciates it too.

  5. That's a hell of a thing for you to do. Well done my friend.


  6. Yes, Lois and fam surely appreciate you and Pat for assuring she has her hair properly coiffed. Nice gesture.

  7. This speaks to the type of person you are!
    Rest in Peace Lois

  8. Aweee big cuddles on such a sad occassion...Your a wonderful person, it shows...
    P.s I love your blog...Its so cool & wonderful reading!

  9. I can't imagine this being a part of my job. I guess she won't be giving you a good tip. I'm with you on the cremation bit.

  10. Right on. She would be happy. Good for you. Sorry for your loss, though.

  11. Ditto lewis's comment. You are the patron saints of the lovely elderly women of the world.