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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Are we there yet?

No.....We're Not!
Where we are not yet, is Spring. Yes it's now March, but here in the Midwest, we still have about 5 more weeks before we'll see any daffodils and such. We still have snow cover and well most likely add to that before we're done. At least the daytime temps have been getting into the mid 30's. And the day's are getting noticeably longer.
Craig spent most of the weekend
doing our taxes,
while I scanned more of our
pictures so I can save them to disk.
I've also uploaded some more,
to my Webshots picture hosting site.
I've added an album of my yard .

I've also added an album of all my Hostas
I have about 30 different varieties.

And an album of my Daylilies
I have about 50 different Daylilies.
It felt good seeing pictures of summer.
And doing this helps get me
through this long winter.
And if any of my readers are
gardeners, you know we love
to share!


  1. We've just planted two varieties of the hosta last year...they should be coming up for their second round in the next few months. Daffodils, flowering cherries, crocus are already up. Wanna visit???

  2. I've only been in New England for a couple of months and people are always talking about how mild the winter was/is here this year. I'm not complaining. It was sunny & 45 her yesterday. And, seeing the pictures you've posted makes me anxious for spring.

  3. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I finished our taxes a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately ours are pretty basic.

    I use Turbotax. lol. :)



  4. We are having another blizzard here on Friday night! Can't say anything about the plants cause I know nothing!

  5. Yesterday it was half-way decent and I felt my first 'urges' of spring.
    Today, winter has returned with an icy, blowy, snowy, cold vengeance.
    I love daylilies, too -- your picture here looks remarkable similar to one I posted on Monday's "yellow" post!
    Do you have Ruby Stella?
    It's the red version of the Stella D'Oro. One of my all-time favorites. Lowes had it for one year, and I had the foresight to get 3 plants. They are gorgeous.
    If you don't have any of this, I will happily divide mine and give you some. They're a repeat bloomer like the yellow Stellas, and they just make me smile.
    Your garden is magnificent.
    How many years have you been working on this garden?

  6. i am a daylilly fanatic as well. I love the variety and the color. And hostas, well, they are the best thing to ever happen to shady areas, next to astilbes

  7. Thank you so much for you care and concern regarding my recent hospitalization. Your warm wishes touched me deeply, and your comments brightened my day. I’m home now and feeling almost 100%.

    Thanks again for your good thoughts and for visiting The Ice Box!
    Desert Songbird
    The Ice Box
    Ice Box Project 365

  8. Beautiful yard. Nice green thumb.

  9. Envy. We were just looking at that beautiful backyard of yous and my mate sez "Our could look like that!" I was like "no it can't we don't have hills!"

    I noticed a trend in some LTRs, that being wonderful landscapers. We live on the coast of SC in your typical nighborhood developed in the late 70's. We had, until recently, 2 other gay couples within walking distance with the most magnifacent yards. Developing and keeping a backyard retreat is something that must be shared, and can take hours. Healty, zen like and fruitful.

    We bought our home 11 years ago, along with it came: 100+ roses, 40 Camilleas, ??? azalias, over 5,000 (no kidding) bulbs, day lilies and a small but well designed vegatable patch. We have done our best over the years keeping up ~ but ~ after looking at your yard I think we may have been re-inspired. Thank you.
    Steve 'n Mark in SC