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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

a little update.

Good morning.
Well, I got scolded by my Mom for not posting much, so here I am.  :-)
So let's see, what's been going on.....
Well, the 2 new stylists seem to like our Salon. Craig and I integrating our appointment books looks to be more difficult than I initially imagined. Although my customer base has dropped considerably, I still have too many customers to easily blend appointment books with Craig. Have decided to work later on Friday and Saturday and shift more of my customers to those days.  Friday and Saturday, one of the stylists doesn't work, so Craig and I can each have a station those days. As inconvenient as it is to make this work, we need to because for one, it's difficult to find established stylists. And when we leave, the new owner will have 2 empty chairs. So by having these 2 new stylists, it will be easier to sell the Salon, and better for the new owner to have a fully staffed salon. So we will somehow make this work.
In other news.....
Craig has been complaining about his puter running slow. I think he needs a new one since his is running Vista, but it was also time to clean the towers. So I unplugged his tower, took off the side and used canned air to blow out all the dust. That seems to have helped some. He says he'd rather wait until we move to Vegas to get a new one so we won't have to take it with us. That's fine. This one should be good now for a while.
We also found desks we want for Vegas, and also scheduled an electrician for when we're there. I want a light with switch added over the kitchen sink, and the light and exhaust fan in the master bath separated and on different switches. And also an outlet put into the master walk-in closet where we plan to put a small chest freezer. We don't have much in the clothes department, so a lot of extra room in there and I don't think the garage is a good spot for a freezer when the summer temps reach over a hundred.
Well, time to get to work.

Friday, February 12, 2016

short post.

Good morning.
It's a bitter cold morning at only 15 out.
It's been a slow week for Craig and I, although the Salon has looked very busy. With the 2 new stylists, we have 9 stylists and 7 chairs. It looks as though most of the stylists work Tue Wed and Thur so there should only be 4 of us today and just Craig and I tomorrow. It's been a challenge trying to merge our days together. Fortunately, Friday and Saturday we can each use a station so we need to combine only Wed and Thur. To help, I'm going to work later on Friday and book more evening customers there and let Craig have Wed evening. The 2 new stylist seem to be fitting in well. They are both quite busy and their customers seem to like our Salon.
I've also been looking at computer desks for our house in Vegas. What we have here in the apartment are cheap and we won't be taking them to Vegas. Looks best right now to order from and have them shipped site to store and pick them up at our convenience. We're not in Vegas long enough to try and coordinate purchase, shipping time and delivery to the house.  Where as Walmart has a 7 day holding policy so that gives us a nice big window of time.
And with that, time to get to work.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

new staff

Good afternoon
I cleaned  the Salon this morning.
 It was a very slow week. But  with our usual winter slowdown, and our newly reduced customers, not a big surprise.  But on a good note, we have 2 new stylists coming in next week. I know, your going to say...."I thought your salon was fully staffed?"
Well, it is, but with Craig and my reduced customer base, we've decided to 'share' a station.
And we also have two stylists who also aren't very busy  and want to do the same to save some money on their weekly rent.
Sooo, it's going to be an adjustment having to coordinate our bookings. We may have to add a day or two to make it all work. But the added stylists will really help the bottom line since our clientele has dropped off so much.
We went out to dinner last evening and was treated by a customer. She had 'won' some money on one of her online gambling sites and wanted to celebrate. I said we could pay our own way, but she said she wanted to do it as an early going away present. We accepted and we went to Outback where I had the New York Strip, Craig had the sirloin and our friend/customer had the fillet Mignon. It was all very good!
Not much else to say as Craig is doing his business book work, and I'm going to play on the puter.   :-)

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

a foodie post.

Good morning.
I'm feeling much better today, thank you.
We took it easy this weekend, as we've tended to do since we moved to this apartment.  :-)
Craig made payments into our IRA's and also paid the property taxes on our Vegas home.
 And as Craig tends to do on weekends in the winter, he made some tasty dishes......
One day it was Honey Mustard Pork cutlets with fried taters and roasted carrots.
Another day was ham and Cheese noodle bake.
With marinated roasted zucchini.
And the 3rd day (I for got to get a pic) meatloaf.
With enough leftovers to get us through the work week.
And as we head into Feb. at work, our usual winter slowdown appears to be much more impacted by our future moving plans. It is really slow this week. I have just 4 appointments on the books today. I'm hopping the phone calls pic up. But, instead of dwelling on no business, I'm happy all our chairs are full. So even if Craig and I aren't making as much, at least the Salon is making money.  :-)
And today will be a good day to go to Gordon's for Salon supplies, and get an oil change for both of our cars.
 Now time to get ready for work.