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Sunday, February 07, 2016

new staff

Good afternoon
I cleaned  the Salon this morning.
 It was a very slow week. But  with our usual winter slowdown, and our newly reduced customers, not a big surprise.  But on a good note, we have 2 new stylists coming in next week. I know, your going to say...."I thought your salon was fully staffed?"
Well, it is, but with Craig and my reduced customer base, we've decided to 'share' a station.
And we also have two stylists who also aren't very busy  and want to do the same to save some money on their weekly rent.
Sooo, it's going to be an adjustment having to coordinate our bookings. We may have to add a day or two to make it all work. But the added stylists will really help the bottom line since our clientele has dropped off so much.
We went out to dinner last evening and was treated by a customer. She had 'won' some money on one of her online gambling sites and wanted to celebrate. I said we could pay our own way, but she said she wanted to do it as an early going away present. We accepted and we went to Outback where I had the New York Strip, Craig had the sirloin and our friend/customer had the fillet Mignon. It was all very good!
Not much else to say as Craig is doing his business book work, and I'm going to play on the puter.   :-)

1 comment:

  1. I'm still ignoring our taxes. Hate them.
    I think this is a great move, as you say. Hope it brings you more customers. Really don't like they bailed on you like that; but I guess that's the way people are now days.
    You all take care. Hope you are over whatever you had.