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Friday, February 12, 2016

short post.

Good morning.
It's a bitter cold morning at only 15 out.
It's been a slow week for Craig and I, although the Salon has looked very busy. With the 2 new stylists, we have 9 stylists and 7 chairs. It looks as though most of the stylists work Tue Wed and Thur so there should only be 4 of us today and just Craig and I tomorrow. It's been a challenge trying to merge our days together. Fortunately, Friday and Saturday we can each use a station so we need to combine only Wed and Thur. To help, I'm going to work later on Friday and book more evening customers there and let Craig have Wed evening. The 2 new stylist seem to be fitting in well. They are both quite busy and their customers seem to like our Salon.
I've also been looking at computer desks for our house in Vegas. What we have here in the apartment are cheap and we won't be taking them to Vegas. Looks best right now to order from and have them shipped site to store and pick them up at our convenience. We're not in Vegas long enough to try and coordinate purchase, shipping time and delivery to the house.  Where as Walmart has a 7 day holding policy so that gives us a nice big window of time.
And with that, time to get to work.

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  1. We just found a nice one at Ikea. It was a pain putting it together but I like it.