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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Charleston South Carolina.

We went there in Sept. of 04.

Here's a pic of me down

the street in front of the

oldest church in the city.

They used it as a lookout

during the civil war.

They have an unusual

architectural style.

They're porches are on

the side of the house instead of in front.

That was to allow for more ventilation.

The history of Charleston is fascinating.

It was the first state to sececde from the union

at the begining of the civil war!

Here's one of the

many cannons

that protected

the entrance to


Thursday, February 09, 2006

San Francisco

We've been to San-Fran several times.
A wonderful unique city.
So much to see and do.
The Golden Gate Bridge is a magnificent sight, that is when you can see it. Most days the fog rolls into the bay an hides it from sight.

Did you know it's very hilly there.

This is the famous Lombard street. It snakes back and forth all the way up, or down, the hill.

And riding the cable cars are a fun experience, if you can find one that isn't cramed with people.

Very unique architecture.

And alot of up

hill walking.

Never seems

to be much

downhill walking.

And of course no trip
to the bay area would
be complete,
without a visit to the
wine country just
north of the bay.

We visited a couple
of really old wineries.
Very cool!
And good wine too!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


On our trip to Glacier, we went to Vancouver also.
A wonderful city!

Lots of parks and green space.

A lot larger than I thought it would be. Reminded me a little of Seattle. Lots of interesting architecture.

Would love to go back and explore it more!

Glacier National Park

We took a trip to Glacier
last fall, 2004. Fantastic!
Some of the most incredible
I've ever seen.
Especially the Glaciers!
It was truely Amazing!

Some more pics!

If you look closely,
You'll see Craig in yellow
on top of the
rock at the waterfall!
Click on the pic to enlarge!

A lake inside the park,
so tranquil.

Water as clear as glass!

A picture of Craig by one
of the many beautiful

We even got to see a
couple of brown bears!

They were way up on the
so not a great picture.
I need a better camera.