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Thursday, February 09, 2006

San Francisco

We've been to San-Fran several times.
A wonderful unique city.
So much to see and do.
The Golden Gate Bridge is a magnificent sight, that is when you can see it. Most days the fog rolls into the bay an hides it from sight.

Did you know it's very hilly there.

This is the famous Lombard street. It snakes back and forth all the way up, or down, the hill.

And riding the cable cars are a fun experience, if you can find one that isn't cramed with people.

Very unique architecture.

And alot of up

hill walking.

Never seems

to be much

downhill walking.

And of course no trip
to the bay area would
be complete,
without a visit to the
wine country just
north of the bay.

We visited a couple
of really old wineries.
Very cool!
And good wine too!

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