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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A mobile post

Good morning all from site 12 at the
Just north of beautiful Manistee, Michigan!
This is finally our first mo-ho trip of the season!

That's right! I got me a Laptop,
and they have wi-fi!

It's a fairly basic laptop, can't play my newest games, not enough power or memory. But seems more than adequate for mobile surfing and posting, and keeping up with my favorite blogs. So even on our trips, if the park has wi-fi, I'm on! And of course this laptop came with the new Vista operating system. Man! what a memory hog that is! I can't believe they actually sell these laptops with only 512 memory! That's absolutely the minimum Microsoft
recommends. I went with the 1G.

And as niffty as the finger pad is,
I also got me a wireless optical mouse.
It comes with this small USB connector.
Just plug it in a port, and your off and mousing!
And when not in use the connector snaps in the bottom of the mouse ,

disconnecting the battery, saving battery life.

How cool is that!

And of course, the first thing I did was install
some extra security. I Un-installed the free 60 day Norton, and installed the FREE Avast! Like I've said many times, I always like free! And it comes highly recommended from PC World, which I subscribe to. I highly recommend this magazine for people who, like me, are computer challenged. Always lots of info and tips.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
We're going to do some sightseeing, a little gaming, and lot's of eating!
But right now while Craig's still sleeping,
I'm off to read some blogs!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

now that was stupid!

Yesterday, while I was getting a coffee at my favorite coffee place, Beaner's, they had a question on their board, "what was the stupidest thing you've ever done"

Well, after a little thought, here it is.

Way back in 1972, I was a very young 18 year old. After I graduated from high school, I moved from Muskegon MI, to St Louis MO. While I was there I had this old Ford Wagon. Back then if your car wouldn't start, you could push it and 'kick' start it.

This guy needed a push, but didn't want his bumper scratched,
so we put a tire, with out a rim, between our two cars.

Worried that the tire would roll off down the road when the other car started and pulled away, I had the great idea of sitting on the hood of our car and holding on to it.

So........ as we pushed the other car down the road, I sat on the hood and held the tire, and when the other car started and pulled away, the driver of my car stopped, and whoosh! off the hood I flew, clutching the tire for my dear life! Luckily, I got a few good bounces on the tire, and didn't kill myself!

That had to be the stupidest thing I've ever done!

So..... what was the stupidest thing you've ever done!
Do a post and let me know.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ah yes, Spring

Sorry I haven't posted lately,
but it was an extremely busy work week.
But we are having a beautiful weekend.
70 degrees yesterday.
It appears Spring is finally here to stay.
We did our first mowing of the season.
The late blast of winter weather killed the flowers
on my Star magnolia, and also burnt the leaf tips
of many perennials, so not a real pretty Spring.

But I'll take what I can get,
and that's the nice weather.
The Hyacinth came thru pretty good
and the tulips are just now
starting to bloom.
I'm just beginning to clean all the perennial beds.

And have been dividing and potting
plants for my plant sale later this Spring.
Need to raise some extra cash for our
gas hungry Motor Home.
Would you believe we get 8mpg?
But even at that, it's cheaper than staying in a hotel!

I also spent most of yesterday un-winterizing the mo-ho.
We had to put antifreeze thru out the water system, so the pipes wouldn't freeze. The mo-ho is just like having a cottage. It's literally a house on wheels. Has everything a home has. Just extremely compact!

And we had our first outdoor grilling, Pork Kabobs with Red, Yellow, and Green Peppers, Onions, Pineapple, that we then served over Rice.

More yard pics as the yard springs forth!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm a $20 haircut

While working yesterday, a couple of women came in the salon and stood next to the front counter.

Me, working closest to the front, greeted them and asked what I could do for them. One of them inquired as to how much was a haircut. Explaining that we were a chair rental salon and all the stylist's were independent contractors and set their own prices, I quoted them a price of $15 -$20. She asked if someone was available for a $15 haircut. I said I'd check, and excused myself from my customer and went in back to see who was still here. After seeing there was no one available I apologized and told them the rest of us were booked for the afternoon. They asked if it would be better to make an appointment, and I responded yes. They asked if someone could cut their hair tomorrow, and I explained I could give them a stylist business card and they would have to call because I didn't know what hours they work each day since they set their own hours. They said they were tired of going to Bo Rics and getting lousy haircuts. I wanted to say, you get what you pay for, but instead I said yes, you never know what you're going to get there. And then one of them said, Your probably a $20 haircut, and I replied, yes I was. Then as she left, she said, maybe sometime I'll splurge for a $20 haircut.

After she left, Patty, Craig and I looked at each other and started laughing, wondering how I looked like a $20 haircut!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Weekend in review

Another weekend over and back to work.

Laid low on Sunday, cleaned and played on the puter.
Monday took the motor home in for an oil change, and to have the generator serviced.
And on Tuesday, I was up on the mo-ho roof replacing the 2 air conditioner shrouds.

Back in March, when we had that 70 degree weekend, I cleaned and sealed the rubber roof on the mo-ho. One of the shrouds had a small crack that had been caulked, and of course I accidentally stepped right on it, breaking it open.
After 5 years exposed to the weather, the plastic had become quite brittle. I also noticed the other shroud had cracks where each screw was, so we decided to order 2 new ones, and so I installed them on Tuesday. And notice how Craig just had to put flames on them to jazz them up!
Also since Tuesday was the nicest day temp wise, 55 degrees,
I also did some yard work.
Most of April has been colder than normal.
But it's looking better! We hope to un-winterize the mo-ho next weekend. The night time temps look like they may finally stay above freezing. If not we'll have to leave the furnace on so the
pipes don't freeze.
Everyone have a good week!

Monday, April 16, 2007

This blogging thing

As you may have noticed, I'm posting a little less often than I use to. I've been rethinking this blogging thing. And during the long winter, I got caught up in this blogging world. As I picked up more readers, it became like a drug, I wanted more! I did lot's of posts trying to "entertain" my readers.
Now don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed this blogging experience, and have "met" some great bloggers, but I know as the weather warms, I'm such an outdoor person, I won't have as much time to blog and read all the blogs I've discovered and enjoy. There are really some very good writers, thinkers, and entertainers out there.
But that's not me. And that's not why I started this blog.

I will post when I have something to share. But as with most people, I have work and home life that isn't really all that exciting. Day to day stuff is most always the same.

But today, I do have something to share.
As I got up this morning and looking out the window,
I saw 3 wild Turkeys in my back yard!
I took this pic out the blinds of my bedroom.
The other 2 were by the deck.
They flew off when I opened the shades
to get a better pic.
Damn! they are big birds!

And actually, I'll probably be posting more as the weather warms and my gardens come to life, and also of our 10 mo-ho trips we have planned for this summer.
But right now April is going colder than normal, and there's not much going on.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I won an Award!

Okay, I've been hit with the meme thingy again. Morgen, who apparently delights in tormenting me, has awarded me with the "Thinking Blogger Award". Although I'm sure I'm not worthy.

Now, I don't know who thought up this silly award, but I will graciously accept it in the spirit it was given. BUT, as part of the conditions of this "award", I have to "award" 5 other bloggers. So, because I read some blogs I'd like to give recognition to, I decided to accept.

Here is my 5 selections for my "Thinking Blogger Award".

1. No Matter What.
This is definitely a blog that makes you think. And at times makes you laugh.
From serious commentary, to gut busting jokes. A good read.

2. Captain Caveman.
A guy with a fascinating past. Rediscovering himself and reinventing himself. And taking us
along for the ride!

3. Recovery Beach.
On the road to recovery, and showing us how he's handling and accepting his new life.

4. Saturday Night Soup.
Great paintings, and the stories behind them.

5. Spirit of Saint Lewis.
Because he is a crazy free spirit and just such a fun read!

So go give them a look see.

You may find a new must read Blog!

As if we need more!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My lazy ass weekend

Yes, that's right, I did absolutely nothing worth while this past weekend!
No house work, no yard work,(too damn cold) nothing! I just sat and played my computer game, 1701 A.D. (like way too many hours) This late winter like weather has just got me in a funk! I'm soooo over it! We cancelled our first mo-ho trip, which makes the season even shorter!
Okay, take a deep breath,..... yes,....that's better.
I'll be okay, as soon as the weather cooperates.
But it does seem like life is whizzing by and it seems like I keep waiting for the next chapter.
And I'm not getting any younger!
So on that note, Here is the Cat in The Hat on Aging..........
I found it to be quite fun!
And of course, I stole it from another blog!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

As you can see from the map here, Spring has retreated and winter has returned. And the long range forecast is for below normal temps for the next 2 weeks. After enjoying the last 2 weekends out side, I'm back indoors.
What ever happened to
global warming?
Even the pond I cleaned last weekend has frozen over.
So I'll cozy up in front of my computer this weekend, play my games, and read my favorite blogs, while Craig fixes our Easter dinner. Ham, scalloped potatoes, and a mixture of veggies,(broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots, and water chestnuts) topped with a cheese sauce.

On a more positive college Hockey......

Our MSU Spartans won the
National Championship!
Go State!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring....Yea Right

Here in mid Michigan, we never seem to get a break. My last 2 weekend posts raved about the great weather we've had. Well, this week we're gonna pay for it. Where the last 2 weekends were about 20 degrees above normal, this week will be the opposite. I knew we'd have to pay for that nice weather sometime.
We really don't get any bonus weather here!
It always averages out.
Okay, enough of this, I'm off to work!

Oh, and my TDS e-mail is still screwed up. I did open a Gmail account, and have been moving everything over to that including this Blog. So if any of my readers have my TDS e-mail saved, please switch to my new Gmail one. I think I like the Gmail better!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another good weekend!

We had another nice weekend! Temperatures in the 60's!
I took advantage of this and cleaned the pond. We clean the pond about every 3 years. Yes, once you put in a pond, there is maintenance! The first year I scooped out about 100 dead bloated frogs! It's only about 18 inches deep, so the frogs can't bury them selves in mud. And we have no fish. Which is good since a Great Blue Heron found the pond a few years back and now keeps it fairly frog free. Today, I just had to scoop out a lot of debris and pond scum. Divide and re-pot pond plants and refill the pond with water. For the complete set of pond cleaning pics, cleaning pond .
Oh.......And I still cannot get my e-mails!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

This sucks

I'm not getting my e-mails!

This started just over a week ago. TDS, my Internet provider, "upgraded" their stuff.

Since then, my main e-mail account has been screwed up. I've made 3 calls to tech support, and they're "working on some issues".

It actually got somewhat better, in that I'd get some e-mails each day but some were"hidden".

Yesterday, I couldn't even get into my account!

So if anyone has sent me an e-mail, and I haven't responded, It's because I either haven't got it, Or I have it and it's "hidden". Hopefully TDS will get things straightened out soon!