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Sunday, April 01, 2007

This sucks

I'm not getting my e-mails!

This started just over a week ago. TDS, my Internet provider, "upgraded" their stuff.

Since then, my main e-mail account has been screwed up. I've made 3 calls to tech support, and they're "working on some issues".

It actually got somewhat better, in that I'd get some e-mails each day but some were"hidden".

Yesterday, I couldn't even get into my account!

So if anyone has sent me an e-mail, and I haven't responded, It's because I either haven't got it, Or I have it and it's "hidden". Hopefully TDS will get things straightened out soon!


  1. I just resent the e-mails I sent you earlier this week (just in case) I hope your e-mail issues get straightened away

  2. And, yet, another reminder of the confidence and reliability priority that we've placed on email, mobile phones, internet, computers, and the like. Lose them and we can't do without. I'm sorry for your trouble.....I'd shoot them! Maybe consider having a backup email account at a different carrier?????

  3. I've sent you at least 200! :) Just kidding. I hope you get this mess fixed soon - it does SUCK

  4. A note about TDS: We had them here in Idaho and one of our best buds worked in the local office. They were known for their customer service and handled most things at a local level. Well, they've reorganized, laid off the locals and closed the offices in a 'restructuring'. They weren't losing money before, but they just wanted to make more. Good luck.