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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another good weekend!

We had another nice weekend! Temperatures in the 60's!
I took advantage of this and cleaned the pond. We clean the pond about every 3 years. Yes, once you put in a pond, there is maintenance! The first year I scooped out about 100 dead bloated frogs! It's only about 18 inches deep, so the frogs can't bury them selves in mud. And we have no fish. Which is good since a Great Blue Heron found the pond a few years back and now keeps it fairly frog free. Today, I just had to scoop out a lot of debris and pond scum. Divide and re-pot pond plants and refill the pond with water. For the complete set of pond cleaning pics, cleaning pond .
Oh.......And I still cannot get my e-mails!


  1. So, the weekend weather sounds just like what you all deserve.....after all of the MANY posts and pics all winter long about the snow and cold. But,that dead fish thing......not so much on that.

  2. Wow what a lot of work. It looks like it's totally worth it when seeing the pics of your garden and landscaping. That's quite a satellite dish too, how many channels do you get?

  3. As I see you there in the pond, I look outside the window and it's SNOWING today.
    So, is gmail working out for you?

  4. Nice pond. What a change from yesterday to today.

  5. will be 68 here friday. major gardening day planned. Have 1/3 acre and big yard in answer to your question. Violets are opening now

  6. violet rhodies that is