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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring....Yea Right

Here in mid Michigan, we never seem to get a break. My last 2 weekend posts raved about the great weather we've had. Well, this week we're gonna pay for it. Where the last 2 weekends were about 20 degrees above normal, this week will be the opposite. I knew we'd have to pay for that nice weather sometime.
We really don't get any bonus weather here!
It always averages out.
Okay, enough of this, I'm off to work!

Oh, and my TDS e-mail is still screwed up. I did open a Gmail account, and have been moving everything over to that including this Blog. So if any of my readers have my TDS e-mail saved, please switch to my new Gmail one. I think I like the Gmail better!


  1. I have this terrible feeling that there are going to be plenty of Easter Sunrise Services going on....complete with Jesus and the disciples with snow on their heads.

  2. It's crazy. We are paying for that mild winter we had here in PA.

  3. That forecast looks much like ours here in New England. We just had an ass-load of snow on Wednesday, and it looks like there's a chance for more, at least through all of next week. Yuk.

  4. BRRRRR!!!! It is not even that bad here!!!

  5. OMG...that's not right....check out Phoenix's weather for the weekend.

    I'll be heading back to Dallas after next week - back to more winter conditions.

  6. Anonymous1:53 PM

    You should have knocked on wood when you bragged about the weekend, Bro. :)


    Supposed to frost here, tonight, too. But then they've been saying that for three days. :P

  7. three inches overnight
    more snow today

    happy easter!