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Friday, March 30, 2007

A meme post

Okay, I'm finally getting around to this song meme thing. Morgen , my good blogging buddy from It's a Blog eat Blog World, hit me with last Tuesday. I'm sure a lot of you bloggers have seen and participated in them. And I've said repeatedly, I'm not a meme kinda guy, but Morgen, in his infinite wisdom, must have thought other wise. And he is a blogger buddy.
So, here goes........

The theme of the meme = you list seven songs/Cd's that you've listened to recently and then tag seven people.

Well, I don't listen to too much music. I have some interesting songs I like for the blog, but it's limited to what Sonific has in their archives. On my mp3 player I just bought, I have a lot of old dance music from around the year 2000, I listen to when I exercise. I haven't bought a CD in a while.
I hardly ever listen to music in the car, and at work, it's a top 40 type station in the background.
So, back to this meme.
Seven songs I've listened to recently........ would be the different songs I've had on my blog.
I think how I'll do this, is every 3 days, I'll put a different song on my blog, till I reach 7 songs.
Currently on my blog is,
1. Dream by Moodfood.
On Monday, April 2nd,
2. Hot and Sweet by Zuela.
On Thursday, April 5th.
3. Perpetual Moves by Miguel Samiez.
On Sunday, April 8th,
4. C me by Ox Cohen.
On Wed. April 11th,
5. Nile dances by Andre Centazzo.
On Sat. April 14th.
6. Passion Dance by tomas Michard.
On Tues. April 17th.
7. The Wandering Trickster by Windwood.

This may not be how I'm suppose to do this meme, But I'm taking creative license to interpret this as I wish.
Oh, and then it says to tag 7 other poor unsuspecting bloggers........ I don't think so. But if any of my readers would like to jump on the meme bandwagon, go for it!

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