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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

my weekend

We had just the best weather this last weekend!
Upper 60's to low 70's! Almost 20 degrees warmer than normal. So I took advantage of it and cleaned and sealed the roof of the Motor Home and washed the entire Motor Home.

And if you think washing your car is a lot of work, look at the mo-ho next to our car and truck!

Also checked the tire pressure, and started up the refrigerator and furnace, to make sure they were still working. We'll un-winterize the water system just before we leave on our first trip. We are still going to get freezing weather, and once I un-winterize the water, I'll have to leave the furnace on so the pipes don't freeze.

Also spring is finally here!
The grass is greening up, and the first flowers of spring are blooming.
Here you can see some Dwarf Daffodils,
Dwarf Dutch Iris,
another Dwarf Daffodil called Jack Frost.
And last, a clump of Hellebores.
I also trimmed back some bushes,
divided some Daylilies, Sedum, ornamental grasses,
and Siberian Iris, and potted up the extras.
I'll have a plant sale later this spring.
They should fetch me a couple hundred bucks.
Gas money for the mo-ho. It's a real gas pig!

As the weather gets better,
I'll be spending more time in the yard,
so my time with blogging will be less.
I'll try and post regularly,
but we'll see. I'm as much of an
outdoor junkie in the summer,
(our summers are quite short)
as I am a computer
game junkie in the winter.

Also, Morgan tagged me for a music meme.
You know I'm not really a meme kinda guy,
but for Mo, I'll do it.
But it will have to be a little later this week.
I've gotta get to work!


  1. You have a great garden -- the flowers are beautiful. I've always wanted a hellebore...
    you are quite the gardener - even planning a plant sale! (let me know when so I can plan an outing to the Lansing area!)
    And yes, I know you're not a meme-kinda guy, but I was hoping to see some of your musical tastes.
    Thanks in advance for playing along!

  2. ps.
    I keep going back and looking at the pic of the spiky daffs "jack frost" -- they look like they're talking together!
    great photo!

  3. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Yeah washing the mo-ho is a pain. But you look like you are having fun on the roof from the pic. Won't be long now before you can hit the road.


  4. i can't imagine washing anything that huge, i don't even wash my car til i can't see out of the windshield... where's the first road trip?

  5. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I have a storm to look forward too! Now I am envious. And I still want a ride in your MOHO

  6. Anonymous11:32 PM

    It is certainly a nice feeling to be able to work outside again. Like you, I have been spending time in the yard and enjoying the first signs of spring. I wish I were closer so I could buy some of your plants. Do you have any that are deer-proof?