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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another good day!

Another weekend is here!
My work week ended on a nice note. The last customer I cut Saturday, I had not seen in months. Her name is Sharon. She told me last summer she would not be coming in anymore. Her niece had graduated from Barber school, and was pressuring her to let her cut her hair. So she decided she would, even though she didn't really want too. I said I understood and wished her luck.
Saturday morning she called me to see when I could cut her hair, She'd tell me the whole story when I saw her. So I decided to stay a little later, and told her to come in then.
She had not been happy with her haircuts. She thought her niece would get better. She went in Saturday morning for a cut and highlight. Her niece would start working on her then let her sit while she did another customer. After her niece started on a third customer, Sharon said"I guess your too busy for me, so I'm leaving".
Now mind you, Sharon always paid full price, so it wasn't like the niece was doing her a favor. She was basically taking advantage of her, and Sharon finally got fed up.
So, I cut her hair, we caught up on things, and when I was done, she ran her fingers thru her hair and said how great it was. When she paid, her tip was as large as the price of the cut!
I told her that wasn't necessary, but she insisted, thanking me for taking her on such short notice. And out the door she went.
As I swept up the hair, I thought that after 30 years of cutting hair , I forget how a good haircut can make one's day. I went home feeling good!


  1. Anonymous6:51 AM


    *Hugs and love*


  2. You sound like such a good friend and a perfect barber. Too bad we don't live closer. Here's where I go:

  3. So you should! My new Barber is like the neice...I have to fix it when I get home, but he is the only one here in this small town and he does do a good job on the back lol. It does feel good when you get a good cut!

  4. jim and i cut each other's hair, we did today. i can imagine the feeling of satisfaction it gave you to have someone appreciate your work so much. that is something no amount of money can buy

  5. That's great! I had a friend that used to cut my hair, too, that would take advantage of me that way. For $50 a cut, I was insulted.

    Good for you for being there for the long lost customer. She knows a good thing when she sees it.

  6. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Nothing, absolutely nothing beats a great cut, you feel and look good for days!!!

  7. A good cut is the best, I'm seeing my barber every 1½ months or so for the last 26 years...

  8. that's a great experience - I know that Sharon was appreciative not only of the cut, but of the service!
    I've been going to a barber here in town since I opened my store, and he gives an ok cut. then I went in once when he was on vacation, and his "tuesday only guy " was there filling in. The tuesday only guy gave me a GREAT cut.
    I went back in on Monday, and got the regular okay cut. I gotta make sure I plan a visit on Tuesday next time!