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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

my weekend

Over the weekend, (remember mine is Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) I spent Sunday visiting my Mom. (read the last post) And Most of the other two days playing a new pc game. 1701 A.D. This is sort of a sequel to 1503 A.D. But of course much better graphics and a slightly different game plan.(1701 A.D. is a unique empire building simulation set in the 17th and 18th centuries. In this third episode of the incredibly successful series, players are immersed in the golden age of exploration and trade, where they set out to discover and inhabit new islands ) I've said it before, I'm a pc game freak! And since I can't be outside yet,(too damn cold still) I immerse myself in games!

Another thing I did was purchase an mp3 player! Dang, soo much music in such a tiny thing! I love the new technology!
And it only cost me $8.49! That's right, a 2 gig mp3 for $8.49?
That's because I used my points I've accumulated from my credit card for a Best Buy gift card! If you use a credit card and pay off the balance each month, you really should have a rewards card! It's like free money! And that's how I bought my nifty little
6 mega pixel camera!

The other thing I did was pick some Pussy Willows from the back of our yard. They are the first true signs of spring! I put them in our Salon. Mine get 3 to 4 feet long! The secret to that, is each spring cut the bush back by a third, and it will force the bush to grow longer new shoots, which will become the buds for the following spring! Customers rave at how long they are!

Spring is slowly creeping forth!


  1. I love your pussy willows!
    And I need to stay away from 1701 - that would be too addictive to me! Are there pirates???
    No, don't tell me, I don't want to be tempted...

  2. Anonymous10:25 PM

    My mother get a big bunch of Pussy Willows every year just like yours. During easter she decorates it with easter eggs

  3. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Is that a pussy willow branch in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me

  4. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Glad to hear you and Mom had a good time. :)
    Thanks for that. *Hugs*

    Summer is right around the corner. Record highs of 80s expected here this weekend. :P

    *Hugs* to you and Craig.


  5. My favorite signs of spring: Pussywillws (I think I just like the name), crocus, asparagus and strawberries (easter dinner).

  6. The things you learn about pussy willows on blog sites :) have a great weekend!

  7. Nice job on the MP3 player. Growing up we used to have a pussy willow bush. Maybe I should plant one. They are very nice.