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Monday, April 16, 2007

This blogging thing

As you may have noticed, I'm posting a little less often than I use to. I've been rethinking this blogging thing. And during the long winter, I got caught up in this blogging world. As I picked up more readers, it became like a drug, I wanted more! I did lot's of posts trying to "entertain" my readers.
Now don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed this blogging experience, and have "met" some great bloggers, but I know as the weather warms, I'm such an outdoor person, I won't have as much time to blog and read all the blogs I've discovered and enjoy. There are really some very good writers, thinkers, and entertainers out there.
But that's not me. And that's not why I started this blog.

I will post when I have something to share. But as with most people, I have work and home life that isn't really all that exciting. Day to day stuff is most always the same.

But today, I do have something to share.
As I got up this morning and looking out the window,
I saw 3 wild Turkeys in my back yard!
I took this pic out the blinds of my bedroom.
The other 2 were by the deck.
They flew off when I opened the shades
to get a better pic.
Damn! they are big birds!

And actually, I'll probably be posting more as the weather warms and my gardens come to life, and also of our 10 mo-ho trips we have planned for this summer.
But right now April is going colder than normal, and there's not much going on.


  1. Joseph1:29 PM

    Like you, I enjoy working outside in the yard and the gardens. During the winter I have more time to read your blog and others, but soon I know I won't have the time. Don't worry about not writing so frequently! I think I speak for many others when I say how much we enjoy your blog. We will enjoy hearing about the progress of your gardens and your traveling adventures. Thanks for sharing your life with us, Wayne!

  2. Blog when it is right for you. I, for one, am looking forward to the MO-Ho trip pictures. My posts will be getting less now as well.
    Turkeys ARE huge!!

  3. You do what you have to do.
    I withdrew from blogging for a couple months to study.
    I'm glad that you've got a life--isn't that what it's suppose to be about?
    I also got so caught up in the blog world that I neglected some of my life.
    We're still here no matter what!

  4. The good news is that you are in control in the blogging world! We'll keep checking back for the latest installments.

  5. Just don't disappear into the void.
    We'll be here whenever you post, and thinking about ya in between.
    Can't wait to hear tales of the mo-ho adventures, and see pics of your beauteous garden!

  6. Turkeys can fly??? I know it can fly off a thanksgiving table but did not know they can fly in teh wild.

  7. when we lived in the city, we used to run in this huge cemetary at the top of the hill. One fall about sixty turkeys took up residence in the back. It was always amusing and a bit uneasy to run through them.. they would run along with us.