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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Weekend in review

Another weekend over and back to work.

Laid low on Sunday, cleaned and played on the puter.
Monday took the motor home in for an oil change, and to have the generator serviced.
And on Tuesday, I was up on the mo-ho roof replacing the 2 air conditioner shrouds.

Back in March, when we had that 70 degree weekend, I cleaned and sealed the rubber roof on the mo-ho. One of the shrouds had a small crack that had been caulked, and of course I accidentally stepped right on it, breaking it open.
After 5 years exposed to the weather, the plastic had become quite brittle. I also noticed the other shroud had cracks where each screw was, so we decided to order 2 new ones, and so I installed them on Tuesday. And notice how Craig just had to put flames on them to jazz them up!
Also since Tuesday was the nicest day temp wise, 55 degrees,
I also did some yard work.
Most of April has been colder than normal.
But it's looking better! We hope to un-winterize the mo-ho next weekend. The night time temps look like they may finally stay above freezing. If not we'll have to leave the furnace on so the
pipes don't freeze.
Everyone have a good week!


  1. I heard that traveling by motor home was fun/adventurous.
    Are you guys playing to go anywhere soon?

  2. You sure are the handy man.
    The days are nice, but you're right - those April Michigan nights are a bit on the nipply side! Er, I mean nippy.

  3. Ohhh men that can do auto repairs!!! Love the flames!!!

  4. Anonymous8:39 PM

    The flames are a cute touch. :)
    Won't be long and you'll be having lots of fun!



  5. At first I just thought typed homo backwards. Then I read further and figured it out. :) Anyway, let's hope for warm weather soon. I'm tired of our so-called "spring."

  6. Cold spring here, too.

    Someday I will need to take a proper motor home trip.