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Friday, April 13, 2007

I won an Award!

Okay, I've been hit with the meme thingy again. Morgen, who apparently delights in tormenting me, has awarded me with the "Thinking Blogger Award". Although I'm sure I'm not worthy.

Now, I don't know who thought up this silly award, but I will graciously accept it in the spirit it was given. BUT, as part of the conditions of this "award", I have to "award" 5 other bloggers. So, because I read some blogs I'd like to give recognition to, I decided to accept.

Here is my 5 selections for my "Thinking Blogger Award".

1. No Matter What.
This is definitely a blog that makes you think. And at times makes you laugh.
From serious commentary, to gut busting jokes. A good read.

2. Captain Caveman.
A guy with a fascinating past. Rediscovering himself and reinventing himself. And taking us
along for the ride!

3. Recovery Beach.
On the road to recovery, and showing us how he's handling and accepting his new life.

4. Saturday Night Soup.
Great paintings, and the stories behind them.

5. Spirit of Saint Lewis.
Because he is a crazy free spirit and just such a fun read!

So go give them a look see.

You may find a new must read Blog!

As if we need more!


  1. Here i was coming over to vote for you and I see myself here. How kind. I'll do a suitable nominations blog on my site when I get back from another road trip. Will send you a couple of pics via email.


  2. You like me, you really like me!!
    Seriously, thank you very much fro this. I am busy getting settled, but wanted to come by and say hi and thanks. I will be in contact later in the week!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Oh my gosh, you've shouted me nice of you. Now, about this "crazy free spirit" thing.....I may be cheap, but I'm never free!

  5. Good choices!
    I do delight in tormenting you, by the way! ;)
    That's what friends are for...

  6. I already read 3 of those noted...Good taste...& your blog is worthy of such an award...Hmmm now where did that nice music go...*wink*