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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

a little update.

Good morning.
Well, I got scolded by my Mom for not posting much, so here I am.  :-)
So let's see, what's been going on.....
Well, the 2 new stylists seem to like our Salon. Craig and I integrating our appointment books looks to be more difficult than I initially imagined. Although my customer base has dropped considerably, I still have too many customers to easily blend appointment books with Craig. Have decided to work later on Friday and Saturday and shift more of my customers to those days.  Friday and Saturday, one of the stylists doesn't work, so Craig and I can each have a station those days. As inconvenient as it is to make this work, we need to because for one, it's difficult to find established stylists. And when we leave, the new owner will have 2 empty chairs. So by having these 2 new stylists, it will be easier to sell the Salon, and better for the new owner to have a fully staffed salon. So we will somehow make this work.
In other news.....
Craig has been complaining about his puter running slow. I think he needs a new one since his is running Vista, but it was also time to clean the towers. So I unplugged his tower, took off the side and used canned air to blow out all the dust. That seems to have helped some. He says he'd rather wait until we move to Vegas to get a new one so we won't have to take it with us. That's fine. This one should be good now for a while.
We also found desks we want for Vegas, and also scheduled an electrician for when we're there. I want a light with switch added over the kitchen sink, and the light and exhaust fan in the master bath separated and on different switches. And also an outlet put into the master walk-in closet where we plan to put a small chest freezer. We don't have much in the clothes department, so a lot of extra room in there and I don't think the garage is a good spot for a freezer when the summer temps reach over a hundred.
Well, time to get to work.


  1. Sunner temps? ;-)
    Good changes to make. Especially for the bathroom.
    Hope you can get your work schedule sorted out.
    Have a great week!

  2. Haha, you got in trouble with mom-meeeeee! Temperatures over a hundred! Hope you have a pool near by. Well at least no more snow.