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Thursday, February 22, 2007

frozen fog

Yesterday when I was getting ready for work,
I checked the NWS web site.
Always a smart thing to do here in
Michigan in the winter.
Weather here can literally change
over nite.
We were under a frozen fog advisory.
I always find fog to be a fascinating
Eerily mysterious, and yet strangely calming.

But frozen fog?
that just sounds stupid!
What's going to happen?
your driving down the street,
thru a thick blanket of fog,
and all of a sudden ,
you might hit a wall of frozen fog?
I realise they mean moisture from the fog could freeze on the pavement. But you'd think they could find a better way to say it.
Okay, enough of this, I'm off to work.


  1. Anonymous6:24 AM

    In Alaska it's called ice fog. I don't remember the exact specifics, but I believe that the water particles that make up the fog are actually frozen.

    But my memory sucks, lol! :)

    *Hugs and Love*


  2. I'm originally from Florida and have been in New England since last August... for the first time - evah - I've seen 'frozen fog'. I still don't know what it is.

  3. Must have been pretty wide-spread. We had it in Chicago yesterday too. They referred to it as ice fog on the radio here. I wondered what it was as you did, Wayne. I don't ever remember hearing the term used before. It certainly was strange. It disapated very quickly with the sun. It's amazing that with all that snow last week, it's almost all gone except for the plowed mountains. Spring is just one month away from today! Think Spring.

  4. Winter shots are seriously some of my favorites. I love the trees, dark black trunks, and no leave on them.....they show out so well against the white snow and fog. It looks terribly cold,though. Our daffodils, tulips, and crocus are up! Flowering cherry trees are just starting this week.

  5. Lewis - no freakin way --- spring flowers already????
    They called it a "frozen fog" here, too.
    yes, it was scary to drive in, but they actually CALLED OFF school here because of it. By 1pm, it was sunny and clear.
    Today: WINDY

  6. sis said,
    "In Alaska it's called ice fog"

    that sounds better than freezing fog.

    steve said,
    "I'm originally from Florida and have been in New England since last August.

    poor steve

    lewis said,
    "It looks terribly cold,"

    It terible is

    morgen said,
    spring flowers already????"

    ya mo, lewis keeps rubbing it in

  7. Was it as thick as pea soup?

  8. Sounds like a cool phenomon. I mean by name only. I don't think i'd like to drive in it.

  9. brent said,
    "Was it as thick as pea soup?"

    not quite

    pete said,
    "I don't think i'd like to drive in it."

    It's the other drivers I worry about

  10. We dont have anything of the sort here...It is just to humid...Although I do remember once I woke to ice on the roof of my car, that was the coolest winter I have seen...As for fog, it is nothing like what you describe here... But I agree another way of explaining it may be needed.....hehe

  11. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I love the fog... well except for the Adrienne Barbeau type... LOL

  12. We call it ice fog here as well! It usually means that things are about to get warmer!

  13. shaney said,
    "We dont have anything of the sort here"

    why, cause it's too f#*king warm?

    antony said,
    "I love the fog"

    me too. creepily cool!

    albert said,
    "We call it ice fog here as well,"

    that seems to be the more popular phrase.