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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our history in pictures

As promised, this post will let you see Craig and I how we've, let's say, "progressed" over the last 30 years.
We finally got thru all the albums and the stacks and stacks of packets of pictures. What a job! We had albums containing pictures thru 1991, but then never organised any more. Just piled packets and packets of pictures in boxes.
But it does feel liberating to
finally accomplish that task!
So, the 2 pictures here are
our newest and oldest.
The first is at the family
Christmas from Dec.
The second is from 1976.
At a New Years Eve party.

For all the pics in between,
or at least some of the
ones I've uploaded,
go to this album,

our history in pictures

One thing I've noticed,
besides me getting thinner on top,
is how skinny we were!
How the moustaches came and went!
And all the different hairstyles!
Though that's probably from
being in the business.

Hope you enjoy our trip down
memory lane.
We did!


  1. that was very touching... thank you for sharing glimpses into your lives... it touched me deeply. you have a special thing in this world, never forget that. :D

  2. scott said,
    "that was very touching"

    I found some of the pics to be hilarious!

  3. He He - those are funny! Mustache is a riot!!! I always find it interesting: the older that guys become, the better looking. while the older women become, the worse for the wear (usually).

  4. Wayne - your photo album was great.
    I love it that you put it in chronological order.
    Thanks for sharing your "evolution"!
    My favorite: the shot of you in the garden. Beautiful. (and the garden is nice, too!)

  5. nomas said,
    "Mustache is a riot"

    ya, and they kinda came and went and came back again

    morgen said,
    "I love it that you put it in chronological order"

    Why thanks mo, I thought it would be better that way

  6. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Thanks for sharing those, guys. :)

    *Hugs and Love*

    Sis :)

  7. Loved all the pics! Thank you for sharing intimate parts of your lives! BTW>>>I wish short shorts would make a come back lol!

  8. Men are lucky: when young they're cute, when mature they're solid and handsome. You guys look great together. Have you really been together 30 years??? Excellent!

  9. sis said,
    "Thanks for sharing"

    it was fun to do

    albert said,
    "I wish short shorts would make a come back"

    and tight jeans too!

    sprague said,
    "Have you really been together 30 years??"

    the pics don't lie

  10. How wonderful to share your memories with everyone...I could only wish for that some day...Thankyou...xoxox

  11. shaney said,
    "I could only wish for that some day..."

    When the right one comes along, you'll know it.

  12. Yeah, thanks for that. 30 years... I can only imagine the love and tribulations that went thru all the years!!! Cheers to you two... to another 30!!