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Sunday, February 18, 2007

all about Craig

We've been busy digging thru more and more old photos. I didn't realize it would be so much work. And lots of time scanning! We're still not done yet.
But not to worry, we are finding some treasured pics.
Can any one say MULLET?
Any way, while going thru the pics,
we came upon some of Craig's
that were pre Wayne and Craig.
After Craig got his masters from MSU,
he went to work for Texaco.
Worked on the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.
He would spend days at a time
out there on these things.
Here he is sitting in a massive pipe
trying to stay out of the sun.
Oh, and he said he was reading Jaws.
The reason for this post is all the time
he was on that platform, he had to wear
a hard hat, company rules.
Well, we just received our
latest issue of truck-n-tow magazine
and they had a new solution for
the ugly hard hat.
I wonder. What's next?
Can you see construction workers
wearing cowboy hats on the job?
Oh...... that suddenly gives me
lots of visuals......


  1. The pipe shot with him in it is really a cool photo. I love the old days....the crazy and nutty things we did, listened to, and wanted. Wild and weird! And tons of fun.

  2. Ha - that is a great pipe shot.
    And cowboy hardhats - I want to be a photographer and do the photo spread for this one!!!

  3. lewis said,
    "The pipe shot with him in it is really a cool photo."

    It is kinda neat.

    morgen said,
    "that is a great pipe shot."

    seems like everyone likes it