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Friday, February 16, 2007

teaser post

This is just a teaser post.

I told you I was going to show you Craig and I thru the years. But we're still looking thru the pictures.
I thought I'd put a pic here to keep you full of anticipation!
And with Craig's permission of course.
This picture was taken on our first of 2 trips to Hawaii. In 1983!
Of course I hope you'll recognize that Craig is in the upper right corner, and I'm in the lower right corner. We went to Hawaii to see our former bosses, Rick and Tom. We bought our first salon from them in 1981, before they moved to Hawaii. Rick is next to Craig and Tom is 2 over from me. I don't remember who the guy and girl is but the guy next to me is a slut.
Oh, did I say a bad thing?
Well, that's another long story I won't get into here.
For my newer readers, our current pics can be found under the me link, then scroll down 2 posts.
I'll post more of our pics when we finally sort thru them all.
Don't we have cool mustaches? Was that like an 80's thing?
Wow! I had a lot of hair back then.
Do you really want to see more?
Of course, click on the pic to see us better.
I know you want to.


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    But *Hugs* too. :)

    Hope you're staying warm! It's 20 degrees here this morning. That's COLD for us. :)


  2. Of course I want to see more. Especially about the slut! Sluts always make interesting stories.

  3. Nice long run. Longer than my parent's marriage!

  4. I was rocking one of those staches back in the day, too. Oh yeah, and a mullet - but that was before they were called mullets - just so ya know. Pictures to prove it exist, I'm just not sayin' where.

  5. sis said,

    And just what is so funny?

    scott said,
    "Of course I want to see more.

    Oh, you will.

    the thunderbird said,
    "Nice long run"

    thanks, but we were already 7 years into it.

    steven said,
    "I was rocking one of those staches back in the day, too"

    ya, it musta been an 80's thing.

  6. What a fantastic picture - there is some great hair working there! PLEASE post more if you can - nothing better than looking back into people's pasts...

  7. Gotta love the 80's pictures!
    I'm laughing at "the guy next to me is a slut"
    I think you look very cute in a mustache!

  8. bee said,
    "yes, more please...."

    in due time.

    spider said,
    "there is some great hair working there"

    ya, the 80's big hair

    morgen said,
    "I think you look very cute in a mustache!"

    why thanks mo,(blushing)