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Monday, February 05, 2007

It's all about the weather

As I write this post this morning,
it is a balmy
8 degrees below zero!
With a wind chill
of -22 degrees!

This is a pic out the
front window of the
wind blowing the snow.
Good thing we live
90 miles from the lake,
They had blizzard
conditions there.
Here we only got
a couple of inches.

Yesterday it got all
the way up to 4 degrees!
Today will be warmer.
They are predicting
a high of 9 degrees.
And it looks like a very
cold week ahead for us.

At least I don't live in
International Falls, Minnesota,
where it is currently a -29 degrees!

I wish I was in my motor home
somewhere in Mexico!



  1. come to charleston - it's 36. Being a Dank Yankee I miss the snow but not the ice or freezing cold. Only one solution ~ you and you man get a fire going.

  2. it is in the negatives down here in pa too... winter has come and sat his big fat ugly ass on us finally... and he doesn't seem to be moving anytime soon.

    stay warm!!!

  3. DAMN that is cold - it was 48 here this AM and my balls pulled all the way up to my shoulders...

  4. ohhh that's awful! sigh....

    (now exactly HOW glad am i that i am in south florida?)

    smiles, bee (as in bee warm!!!)

  5. uncle zoloft said
    "come to charleston"

    I've been there once and enjoyed it

  6. scott said,
    "winter has come and sat his big fat ugly ass on us finally."

    That is just what it is!

  7. spider said
    "and my balls pulled all the way up to my shoulders..."

    Wow! that's an interesting visual.

  8. bee said
    "now exactly HOW glad am i that i am in south florida?"

    I don't know? especially after the the tornados!

  9. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Yeah, it is just as cold here, too. I am ready to join you in our RV's in Mexico!

  10. My husband, was a meteorologist, just commented that global warming is here.

    Time to move South y'all ~but~ not the coast. State Farm has stopped insuring property in parts of our coast.

  11. I was going to say "Wow, sounds like you have exactly the same temperatures we have over here in Michigan,"
    ... but then I clicked on your map and saw that you're ALSO in Michigan! So we're kindred frozen spirits! I'm over here in Litchfield (Northwest corner of Hillsdale County), and we've got that same wind chill.
    Pretty nasty stuff, isn't it???

  12. You outta be's nearly springlike....saw some daffodil bulbs pushing their way up. Come and visit!

  13. We must be in the same deep freeze! It is Brrrrr here too! And we have this until after the weekend

  14. ken said
    "am ready to join you in our RV's in Mexico!"

    yea! a convoy!

  15. Uncle zoloft said
    "Time to move South y'all"

    Ohh, I wish I could.

  16. jana said
    "I'm over here in Litchfield (Northwest corner of Hillsdale County),"

    Hey! we're practically neighbors!
    I'm in Lansing.

  17. lewis said,
    "You outta be's nearly springlike"

    yea, rub it in.

  18. albert said,
    "We must be in the same deep freeze!"

    I knew we'd pay for that mild Dec.

  19. Hey, another Michigander!! Mind if I link to you in my Michigander section?
    Oh, and snow sucks. Blargh.

  20. asara said
    "Mind if I link to you in my Michigander section?"

    not at all.

  21. Awesome! :) You'll be there soon!

  22. Yep, I survived the Blizzard of '07.
    Unfortunately, my business may not.
    I know I put too much stock in one sales day, but I really really needed a good Ice Festival day -- and then the blizzard hit. It was like the scene from Rudolph when the snow storm hits and Santa almost cancels Christmas.
    Took me over an hour to get home that afternoon (the police came 'round at 4pm and asked us all to close up and go home because it was getting worse). We were snowed in at home until 5pm on Monday when finally a snow plow showed up to clear our driveway.
    Today we have a nice balmy high of 15 degrees, and wind chill tonight is supposed to go below MINUS 20.
    If I can't stow away in your motor home, at least run me over on the way to the southwest and put me out of my winter misery.
    oh, and yeah - I'm with you "I knew we'd pay for that mild December"
    uh-huh, ya buddy.

  23. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR did I mention I am in Miami??