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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

busy, busy

Since my last post, I've been busy with some projects.
Catching rabbits, (I've got 3 so far) Booking motor home trips, (I've got 6 so far)
and organizing and thinning my vast overload of pictures!
Of course besides working!

Here's just one of the many piles
I've dug thru deciding what to
keep and what to toss.
And of course the memory
trip along the way.
Just for fun I'll scan some
of the pics later to show you how Craig and I
have progressed over the years.
It will be hilarious!

I've been reading my latest issue of PC World, and for all the bloggers who have fled Blogger for Word Press, You may want to read the latest edition of PC World.
(that World thing has a nice ring don't you think?)
They did a comparison of several free
and inexpensive programs
and rated Blogger Tops!
Read about it here PC World
I personally have been very pleased
with Blogger. And like I've
always said, Free is good!


  1. Yea you pretty much can't beat the cost of free. If only there were more things at this price...

  2. Anonymous6:37 AM

    If I didn't find it so annoying, I'd do more here. lol.

    Are you staying warm?



  3. pete said,
    "If only there were more things at this price..."

    There is actually quite a bit, if you have the time to look.

  4. sis said,
    "Are you staying warm?"

    I'm trying! ;-)

  5. i'm getting over the cold here in chicago too. the high was 8° yesterday, though sunny, but i got to spend the day in the city at mccormick place for the IT launch of window's vista. (i still rather have my mac.) but office 2007 really is exciting! it was worth attending. they gave us a free copy of office professional for attending. so, yeah, freee is good. especially when the street price of office is $329.99 at best buy...


  6. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Yeah, I've been pretty set that the New Blogger is better than the old... Tons more customizations, etc. And it's stability issues are nearly resolved since the switchover to the new system. does provide a very smooth look. I do not like the complete absence of customization in the free Wordpress. However, it'd be nice to have some of the really sleek and smooth templates ported over for New Blogger use (though I think that's being done).

  7. Wayne, I read both the Blogger and Wordpress reviews at the PC World link. I'm with them (and you) -- I enjoy Blogger.
    I'm not sure why they had such an issue with the stats thing with Blogger, since it is so freakin' easy to install sitemeter or another counter.
    And they gloss over the "if you want more stuff in your sidebar" at Wordpress, you have to pay for it.
    Thanks for the link.

  8. mike said
    "they gave us a free copy of office professional"

    yes, free is good

    atari-age said,
    "And it's stability issues are nearly resolved since the switchover to the new system."

    yep, getting better

    morgen said,
    "I enjoy Blogger"

    Yep, me too

  9. I am already up to 5% of my free space with wordpress!! I am getting a little concerned. I enjoy all the features of wordpress, but there are more FREE options with blogger

  10. Three rabbits and an RV trip? Mercy!
    Blogger hasn't cause me any more trouble than I'd expect anyplace else.....all for free! Cheers

  11. albert said
    "I am already up to 5% of my free space with wordpress!!"

    wordpress only gives you 50mg of space and blogger 300mg.

    lewis said
    "Three rabbits and an RV trip? Mercy!

    mercy indeed!

  12. The Wordpress fad is case of "monkey see monkey do". All the insecure people rushed there this past year end. I pity people who cannot think for themselves. I do, to a fault, always have and always will. I do what I see as right, and best for me, and could care less what the other 6 billion people do. That applies to staying with blogger.

  13. the thunderbird said,
    "The Wordpress fad is case of "monkey see monkey do"

    I'm thinking your right

  14. Anonymous7:35 PM

    why does it matter where your blog is as long as you are blogging