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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Disturbing Trend

As I've been blogging now for some time, and reading who knows how many dozens of blogs,
(they can become quite addictive) I've noticed what I believe to be a disturbing trend.

I've always known about Google AdSense, and find that a perfectly acceptable way to help generate revenue to pay for blogs of people who want their own domain. And I've even clicked on some intersting ads.

What I find disturbing is a practice I've noticed on a number of blogs.

There appears to be numerous companies that will pay a blogger to write what is
essentially an ad as one of their posts. Though some bloggers put a disclaimer
at the top of the post, How would a reader know for sure if the post is a personal
review of a product or service, or a paid advertisement?

I have no problem with people making money off their blogs, but to deceive loyal readers, I find very dishonest.
I have in the past recommended several products and services. Some are even in my favorite links. But I have personally used each of them and recommend them only to help others either save some money or assist them with finding free or great services. My blog is hosted by a free service, so i don't need to have ads here. (though we all could use more money) and you will never find anything recommended here that I haven't already used.
I write my blog for the simple pleasure it gives me in sharing a small part of my life with my family, friends, and who ever else stumbles on my little blog and possibly finds it interestingly enough to read.
Okay, I'm done..... I don't rant often, And I'll try not to do it again...... At least for awhile.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I didn't know about that. And I don't blame you for not liking it. :|

    Hope you guys have a good weekend. Stay warm! :)



  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I agree completely. I read a disturbing article about this trend a while back and blogged about it. I hate the idea that some people could be doing this while pretending to be buddies with us.

  3. sis said
    "have a good weekend. Stay warm!"

    Easy for you to say in N.C.

    atari_age said
    "read a disturbing article about this trend a while back"

    I figured it's been around a while.

  4. Was on one today where he revealed the opposite: what a piece of sh*t the Sonicare toothbrush is. I cannot imagine trying my hands to pump out someone else’s commercial clap trap on my site.

  5. the thunderbird said,
    "I cannot imagine trying my hands to pump out someone else’s commercial clap trap on my site."

    I feel the same way

  6. oh i do love a good rant. thanks for sharing yours.....

    smiles, bee

  7. So THIS is where Wayne's World is!

  8. bee said,
    "oh i do love a good rant"

    Thanks Bee, just something that bothers me.

    dayngr said,
    "So THIS is where Wayne's World is"

    Yep, you found it. welcome.

  9. I looked into advertising for that purpose, but realised it was alot of bull to go through for a couple of cents...So now I just "banner" LGBT businesses on my blog as my way of helping my community here in Australia...I dont even ask for a reciprocal link...I am happy to say no money is made from my personal space...xoxox

  10. shaney said,
    "no money is made from my personal space."

    Good for you shaney.