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Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Day

Yesterday was a do nothing day.
It's hard to be ambitious when it's cold and dreary outside. So I stayed in and caught up on some blogs and played my computer game.
Craig did laundry and book work, and then made another delicious meal.
Swiss steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, and scalloped corn.
I was even too lazy to take a pic of that.

Over on It's a blog eat blog world, Mo does a Manic Monday meme.
I was thinking of joining in, but I'm not much of a meme kinda guy.

So today I'll post a few pics of Bobby Gremillion.
Bobby is my nephew, my sister Linda's son.
He was just sent back to Iraq for his second tour.
He arrived safely in Ramadi. The pics here are from
his first tour in 2005. Linda didn't have any current
pics of him in uniform.

So here is one of him in uniform,
in his room on base,
and the tank he trained in.
It"s called a Paladin,
if you want to Google it.

I know everyone has very strong
feelings about this war,
but let's hope all of our service
men and woman get back safely.


  1. AMEN - our feelings are about the war, NOT the men and women serving over there... lets bring them ALL home safely...

  2. spider said,
    "lets bring them ALL home safely..."

    amen to that.

  3. Let's hope that there's not anyone, anywhere who could disagree with that.


  4. Yummy dinner plus time home with hubby......perfect! Good for your of luck and safe times to him.

  5. You must be very proud of him...And what a yummy dinner...Sending you both ♥big hugs♥ from Aussieland.xoxox

  6. steven said,
    "Let's hope that there's not anyone, anywhere who could disagree with that."

    I'm with ya

    lewis said,
    "safe times to him."

    thanks lewis

    shaney said,
    "You must be very proud of him."

    him and all our brave soldiers

  7. regardless of the feelings of whether it is wrong or right we should all support our own people. I, along with the others, do wish them a swift and safe return.

  8. Do nothing days are great. I try to have as many as possible. Lets hope all the troops come home soon.

  9. We all need to support them and make sure they know they have our support. Thanks for sharing this. I hope he comes home soon and safe.

  10. scott said,
    "we should all support our own people."

    and I believe every one does support the people, even if they don't support the war.

    "brent said,
    "Lets hope all the troops come home soon"

    I second that.

    pete said,
    "make sure they know they have our support."

    Yes, they do need to know.

  11. very true my friend....

    smiles, bee