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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday August 26

A few posts back I mentioned about those nasty Japanese beetles. Well, They finally seem to be
winding down some. I mean, there's not nearly as many as there have been most of the summer. Since they first started coming out in July, I haven't seen any of my roses bloom. They eat the flowers as fast as they try to open. Same for my perennial Hibiscus.

But as you see here, I was able to take a picture of them not full of holes. This particular Hibiscus is called "Copper King", due to the reddish foliage!

Here's a pic of a common Hibiscus.
As you see, the folliage isn't as nice as "Copper King". And the red center isn't as large.

And for those who aren't familiar
with those nasty Japanese beetles,
Here's a pic of the little buggers!
By the next day this flower was shredded!

But like I said earlier,
I just try to enjoy other parts of the yard.

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