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Saturday, September 23, 2006

fall continues

Other flowers blooming
this fall are Sedums!
I have numerous varieties!
Besides the ever popular
Autumn Joy ,
shown here
behind some Garlic Chives,

I have a variegated
variety called,
Ice Queen.
It has green
and white leaves, with
pink and white flowers.
And I have a Sedum collection
next to my pond that has
most of my varieties.
Among several creeping Sedums,
I have,
Sedum Chocolate.
A Sedum with
burgundy brown leaves,
with same color flowers.
And Sedum Matrona.
Green leaves, pinkish stems,
and flowers slightly darker
than Autumn Joy.
Sedums also make good cutting flowers.
Lasting a week or more in a vase!
Lots still going on in the Garden!
And I haven't even mentioned the Mums!


  1. (. .)
    Kilroy was here.

  2. You have such a beautiful yard. I am jealous. :)
    I have a very brown thumb. :P