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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Holiday Park

Here's a pic of me at our campsite!
Do you see the ugly blue carpet!

That was left from the
"seasonal" person who had
this site this year .

Here's Craig checking on dinner.
We discovered that you shouldn't
use paper lights on your awning
if there's the slightest chance
of rain!
The colors will run!
the lights here are plastic.
Better choice!

We're still in a learning curve on the mo-ho. this site had cable hook-up.
The first time we had that!
So I remember seeing a coaxial connector in the bay by the door.
So hooked it up and nothing! Figured our wiring in the mo-ho was screwed up, or
their cable didn't work. So we used the antenna that first nite.
In the morning I was thinking that the cable should come in to the mo-ho where the electrical and water does, which is on the other side in the back. So opened up the back bay door and there it was, up on the side wall. Moved the cable and, Presto, picture!

So any way,
here's some
more pics
from our site!

Good thing there
was a tree behind
us, in case we started
to roll backwards!

1 comment:

  1. LOL. That tree looks like it's been used before. ;)
    A really pretty site. I would have been fishing in that lake! ^_^