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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Navy Pier pt 3

Out at the very end of the pier is this large round room. They use it for wedding receptions and such. It has windows all around it , giving you a fantastic view of the lake and city.
And then it's lined
with all these very
large flags!

Very impressive!

And the views of the city

is equally impressive!

Here's a shot from both

sides of the pier!

The low building in front

of the second pic

is their waste water treatment plant.

It also sticks out in the lake ,

but on the backside of the pier.

It doesn't really look to bad.

The really tall building is the

John Hancock Tower.

The Sears Tower is farther back in the city in the first pic.

Did I say I love Chicago!

Well it was time to head

back to our motor home in

Indiana Dunes State Park.

On our way out of town

we went by the Field Museum.

They are showing

Tutankhamun and the Golden age of the Pharaohs!

See! Just never enough time!

But we'll be back!

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  1. I really enjoy hearing about your travels. Almost as good as being there. ^_^