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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Went back to Saugatuck last weekend. Stayed at the same campground, Campit.
It was their retro weekend. If you remember from a previous post.
This campground has theme weekends.
We arrived too
late for the tye dye t-shirts,
but injoyed the

reto dance with
70's music!

Great Fun!

Then the next day off to Saugatuck again!
There's a small park
near the dunes with
a staircase to the top of
Mt. Baldy.
We climbed all the
way to the top!
180 steps!

A wonderful view of the area!
this is the city below on the
Kalamazoo River!

Of course it was alot easier to go down!

While shopping,
we ran across
this lovely lady.
For some reason,
I could'nt get
Craig to give
her a kiss!
And she seemed really ready!


  1. ^_^ Looks like a pretty place.

  2. you seem to enjoy life ... never take it for granted ... life that is.