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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm back!

Hello all, I'm back from a little Holiday!

We were in Portland, Oregon!

Had some miles to use up and was

concerned when Northwest

went into bankruptcy
they might end their program.
We had just enough for a free
ticket each.
So we thought we'd better
use them up!
You might ask,
why Portland?

Well, if you fly much,
you know how hard
it is to use miles.
The only place that would
work for the dates we
wanted was Portland.

And since we've never
been there, thought,
why not?

And were we pleasantly surprised!

Portland is a beautiful city.

Very walkable, many parks and green spaces.

A good transit system. And many unique neighborhoods!

We stayed at the 5th Avenue Suites downtown and if you click on the last pic, we even had a view of Mt Hood from our room!

More of our trip later. We just got home and we're bushed! Hate airplanes, hate airports!

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