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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

portland 2

Okay, the worst is over!

At least we made it to Portland
without crashing or whatever!
And we did get into our hotel!

So things are looking up from here!

The first day we explored the entire
city. Did a walking tour and
found that Portland has
many statues and art works!
Like I said, the city is very
"green" so to speak.

Lots of parks and green
space. This Elk is right in the
middle of the road.
With driving lanes
around both sides.
And this fountain has a

momma bear fishing

for her young!

They also have these

"drinking" fountains.

They bubble water continuously.

We saw them thru out the city.

Don't know why they
needed 4 all together.
And the water runs all the time!
Well, they are next to the second largest river in the states! The Columbia river!

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