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Monday, October 30, 2006

Portland eats

While in Portland we ate
at many great restaurants!

There seemed to be good
food wherever we were!

One place was at our hotel!You don't normally get real
good food at hotel restaurants,But this was certainly an exception!
Called the Red Star Tavern, We enjoyed a very good lunch!

I had a Turkey
Club with advocado,
and Craig had a
Barbecue Pork sandwich.

Another great restaurant is
Jakes Famous Crawfish.
One of Portland's oldest restaurants!
And very good seafood!

And we enjoyed outdoor seating due to the mild weather!
Craig had Seafood Newburg, Sauteed Prawns and scallops in a shrimp cream sauce, and I had Rockfish Lafitte. A pacific northwest fish.
The meal was very tasty!

1 comment:

  1. I love crawfish! :)

    I am so jealous, lol. There is so much I can't eat right now and all those pics make me hungry. :P

    *Hugs* to you both.