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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another Link

On that beautiful Thanksgiving Day, while the turkey was cooking we took advantage of the weather, and put snow tires, (yuck, did i say a four letter word?) on Craig's PT Cruiser.
For some reason, It's his car,
but as you see, I'm the one
with the wrench!

He uses this Carpal Tunnel
excuse every chance he gets!

He has this method for
changing the tires.
As we take each one off,
he marks
the back with white
chalk with the
axle it will go on the
following spring.

That way they are rotated each year.

And once they're all on he checks

the pressure and fills as necessary.

Now about the link! He bought the mounted tires online,
like we're doing with more and more stuff.

He checked the PT Cruiser web site for recommended snow and ice tires, and then surfed and called around here, and found the best price at a dealer in Indiana. The TIRE RACK. Even with shipping, we saved over $80.00! Now they don,t have our RV tires, but you may want to check them out, next time you need car or truck tires.

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    Any plans for Christmas?