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Friday, November 17, 2006

Fall's Over

Yes indeed, I do believe fall is over.

Even though winter does'nt
technically start till Dec 22nd,
Things look pretty dead and dreary.
That's probably why it
seems winter is so long.

So now the l-o-n-g wait for spring.

The leaves are all down and
just about all cleaned up.
Most of the perenials have been
cut back.

Even the Mums are done blooming.
The deck furniture
has been put away.

The bird baths have
all been turned over.

The ornamental grasses
have been cut back.

And of course,

the Mo-Ho is parked and winterized.
The Kar Kaddy covered.

But even with everything nearly
dormant or dead,
there's still promise for spring as shown
here with buds on the Rhododendron bush
waiting for the warmth of spring to burst
open again!

But then again, the long winter has
a number of RV Shows in
and near Michigan.
Maybe it won't be so bad afterall!


  1. Hey Wayne,
    You have a really nice garden there. I just added a new link to Darin and Bills site on my blog. 2 guys that sold everything recently and going fulltiming for 2 years. Aren't you GREEN with envy? I know I am.

    So hopefully spring will come soon. At least knowing that I am not alone in my struggle to wait for spring is somewhat comforting.


  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    *Hugs* The shows sound like a great way to pass the time. :)

    Summer will be here before you know it, bro. Time has been flying lately. :P