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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Oregon Coast

We drove over to the ocean via highway 26 from Portland to Cannon Beach.

Portland is quite a ways from the ocean.

We were expecting high cliffs and rocks,

but there is actually alot of nice beaches!
Of course the day we were there,

it was quite cloudy.
At Cannon Beach

they have these
Massive rocks in the
water they call haystacks.

They were quite impressive!
Remeber to click on the
pic for a larger view!

And on the second pic,
if you look closely at the base ,
you'll see people!

Oregon has a fantastic coast!

We drove from Cannon Beach
down the coast to Tillamook.

We had planned to go all the way
to Lincoln City,
but there was road construction

everywhere, and we had to get

the rental car back by 3pm.

But we saw lots of beautiful
scenery during the drive!
Did you know, you can't
pump your own gas in Oregon!
It's a state law!

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