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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Last night I had a dream. Actually I dream a lot. And I have some very weird one's. But I only remember the one I have when I wake up, and the one I awoke from this morning, is one with a reoccurring theme. I have this dream often.
In this dream I'm either running or biking, and at a pretty fast clip. I even pass other runners or bikers. I'm always going to a certain destination, it's always quite far, and I always know I could get there faster by car, but I don't have the car with me, so off I run or bike. And sometimes during the dream, I start out running and then all of a sudden I'm biking, or vise-versa.
But I never reach my destination. I always wake up before I get there. And sometimes, before I get there, I'm all of a sudden back where I started, and I start again!

So, some questions;

1. Does this mean I'm speeding thru life with no clear goal or life objective?

2. Or, deep down I don't think I'll be able to reach the goals I have?

3. Does your body burn more calories if you dream running then if you dream sitting?


  1. Definitely a great way to burn calories! Doesn't sound like a bad dream....but crazy. Maybe you're on your way to the lottery office with the winning ticket in your back pocket.

  2. Yeah, I'm queen of the weird dreams, but this one sounds like a good one to have right before the new year. I think it means that you're on a journey, and even if you have many means of getting to your destination, you're on the right path.
    Or maybe it means you're gonna be in a tri-athalon!
    And if having action-adventure dreams burned extra calories, I'd be as svelte as you!