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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another Dream

This dream has to do with Spiders.
I HATE Spiders! So for obvious reasons, there will be no Pictures accompanying this post. (and yes Morgan, that spider on your home page is freaky too! and I won't read that post!)

I've always hated Spiders, since I was a little kid. I think it was all those sci-fi movies with Giant Spiders, Or maybe the old Tarzan movies where he gets trapped in a giant spider web! I've gotten better over the years, but very slowly. It use to be if I saw a spider, some one would have to go into the room to kill it before I would go back in. Now as long as I have something LONG enough and BIG enough, I can beat the crap outta them!

So, I don't remember in this dream, what led up to the spider part, but I'm outside and I open the passenger side car door. There is this large spider web going from the top of the seat to the bottom front. You know the kind that's all spun in circles and attached at the corners. Actually if it weren't for the spider part, they're quite a work of art. But there it is with a spider in the middle, So I want to get it OUT of the car with the spider in it. So I take my finger, (why didn't I use a stick?)... (because it's a dream stupid) and quickly run it from the top of the web, down the seat, and fling it out of the car. Of course it's sticking to my finger, and I'm shaking it vigorously trying to get rid of it! It finally comes off on to the ground,
It landed on my pant leg! so I start hitting it with my other foot. (I'm wearing socks but no shoes, and I'm outside..... stupid dream) I finally get it off and it falls into a quivering crumpled speck. (the entire spider was only about the size of my thumb nail, legs and all)
And then I awaken, heart racing.
I say to myself,"it's only a dream", my inner self says,"but it was a SPIDER DREAM!"
I say to myself,"but it was a tiny spider", my inner self says"but it was STILL a SPIDER!".

I know it's a phobia, and I am slowly getting better.
I hate stupid dreams.


  1. I guess everyone has something they fear most and have nightmares about. Not uncommon. I feel for you though. I don't like them either. Along with snakes. UCH!!

    Could it be a fear of the WEB(as in internet)? just guessing...(I'm kidding, of course)


  2. Breathe in breathe out! If it was a snake...then I would be scared. you should see some of the pics of spider webs with dew on them in the morning (no Crawly things) they are like jewelery.

  3. "Could it be a fear of the WEB"

    I wish! I probably should stay away from that also!

  4. "Breathe in breathe out!"

    That's exactly what I do! It helps.

  5. OK Wayne - I am here to let you know that not ALL spiders are bad things. I found you by way of The Spirit of Saint Lewis... take a deep breath, get a cup of tea, hold your partners hand and come on over to "A Spider's Web in Thornton Park" - we are not all bad guys!

  6. "am here to let you know that not ALL spiders are bad things"

    I never said they were. They just fricken Creep Me Out!

  7. I hate Spiders too...terrible dream :-(

  8. "I hate Spiders too...terrible dream :-("

    Thanks for the support.

  9. Ooooh, that was just a baby spider, honey!
    Since you didn't read my spider dream - let me tell you: it was a HUGE radioactive spider!
    And in my dream, I was the crazy spider-loving guy trying to save it from the government idiots trying to dissect it!
    From your dream, you probably are feeling trapped about something, and attacked by something relating to it. Probably subconscious feelings about your mom's situation, would be my guess.
    It helps to talk about dreams, to let some of the subconscious feelings emerge and be released. Good therapy (just like blogging!).

    I guess I shouldn't get the book "Be Nice To Spiders" for your birthday present, eh?
    Anyway, have a spider-free day!