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Sunday, January 21, 2007

A new look!

In celebration of my 1 year blog-e-versary,
( it's actually Jan. 27th)
I've redone the template for my blog.
I've been studying html from this web site.
And it's Free! (I love free!)
visit W3Schools!

It's has been very difficult.

Like learning a new language.

But I have managed to pick up a couple of things. Like being able to put a link without showing the actual web address,which can be quite long. And putting a background behind my posts. And changing my banner. I still can't figure out how to make my banner larger, but I'll keep digging thru the template and try to figure it out.

Of course, I want to thank all the blogs I visit, because that's where I've gotten a lot of my ideas.
I've met a lot of wonderful people thru blogging this year and hope to someday meet some of you in person.
Okay, enough mushy stuff, I got a lot of house work to do.


  1. The new look is great!!! One of the reason I switched was because I could not change the banner, so you are way ahead of me with that new language!!!
    BTW you and you mate can park your MoHo in my driveway anytime you want!

  2. Hey Wayne,

    I keep seeing your posts here and there on people’s sites. I have even visited you once (I remember the gas price summary). Thank you for visiting us and leaving the kind comment. Being visually oriented, the look of the blog to me is as important as the words. And the old adage “a picture is worth 1000 words” applies to blogs, too. Good for you for digging into the HTML and XML side of things to tart up the site.

    I have appreciated all the Lasik comments that I have received from other that are further down the time line. Today is day six. It seems as if it has been much longer already.

    I see you like gardening. Me to. We have had the WORST winter in a decade this year. Pure hell. Finally had a break and was able to get all the debris cleaned up this Saturday so it is ready to roll. Spring starts here on February 1st. The crocus will be opening around then and the first of 150 different Rhododendrons blooms in early February (that is my gardening passion). I have one that already partially bloomed in late December – but a sudden deep freeze toasted the buds that were open, however it held some back for god knows when. It should have already completed opening all the buds and be on the downhill slope. My last Rhododendron blooms in mid June. I will be doing pix this year of the season as it rolls along.

    I will add you to my blog roll sometime in the next week. Is late and I must get to bed and start to drift into sleep so that I can be awake and productive at work tomorrow.

    Cheers, Will

  3. albert said
    "BTW you and you mate can park your MoHo in my driveway anytime you want!"

    Thanks for the invite!

  4. the thunderbird said,
    "I keep seeing your posts here and there on people’s sites"

    Yea, I do get around!

    "I see you like gardening"

    That is one of my passions!

    "I will add you to my blog roll"

    your being way to kind

  5. Happy Blog Anniversary Wayne. You are never too old to learn new things.

  6. I Like it! Good choice of colors.


  7. rose said,
    "You are never too old to learn new things."

    very true.

  8. steven said,
    "I Like it! Good choice of colors."

    Thanks steven.

  9. Wow -- awesome background & header/banner!
    you have "rounders" as your basic template, so it is very difficult to widen the header without still having the corners of rounders show through.
    Nevins from Barter My Skills can help you, though. He fixed mine and Crazy Working Mom's (we both have 'rounders' as our basic template).

    I think this was a great way to snazz up your site for your 'blogiversary'! Looking forward to your official 1 year post!

  10. VERY VERY VERY nice job! Wish I had the time and the talent!

  11. Site look great. Maybe you are ready for a career change into web programming...


  12. morgen said
    "Looking forward to your official 1 year post!"

    Oh, let's but the pressure on me now.

  13. spider said,
    "Wish I had the time and the talent!"

    Time I got, Talent.... not so sure.

  14. myprideblog said
    "Maybe you are ready for a career change into web programming"

    coming from must be a joke.