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Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday fun

First, it was fun seeing all the comments about my post,
"How Normal are You?"
It seemed everyone ranged in the 60% to 75% range. Which means we are all a little different. And that's good.
Of course everyone but Steven .
He hit 40%. Now anyone that reads his blog will agree, 40% probably is a little high for him. And if you haven't, You will find a very gifted writer. If not a little warped. Okay, Very warped! But I mean that in a very flattering way.

Now on to my Sunday, being in the midst of this dreary winter.
Craig and I decided to go to Detroit, ( a 90 mile drive to the
southeastern part of Michigan) To see the Detroit RV Show!
This year it was held at Ford Field.
Home of the pathetic Lions football team.
We were expecting masses of motor homes.
What we found were masses of pop-ups, travel trailers,
and fifth wheels. Only about two dozen mo-ho's.
You can see more than that at a dealer!
But it was fun none the less, and we did see
two mo-ho's we'd love to own.
Though a little out of our price range.

They had the entire field covered and also the entire
The last pic is one of the units we liked.
Instead of posting all the pics here,
I've tried a host site Webshots,
so as not to bore the readers who aren't into
this kind of thing.

But,It's fun to dream!


  1. I always thought it would be so fun to travel in a motorhome. I would want at least six months to travel the country.

  2. brent said
    "would want at least six months to travel the country."

    I wish I could

  3. It's been years since I stayed in a motor home -- my grandparents had one briefly, right after they retired.
    I got to sleep in it -- in their driveway! But that was exciting, still.
    Lee's parents have a fifth-wheel which they take to Arizona each winter -- they just left last Sunday (late due to health reasons) but they absolutely love it.
    If y'all get to SW Michigan, you're always welcome here at the chicken ranch!

  4. morgen said,
    "If y'all get to SW Michigan, you're always welcome here at the chicken ranch!"

    I'll have to dig thru your blog to find exactly where your at.