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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Hi all
We're back from our little trip to Manistee.
It was just a weekend trip, but was nice to get away.
Lori asked where Manistee was, so here's a map.
Click to see better. Manistee is 187 miles to the northwest of Lansing. Lansing being the orange arrow,
and Manistee being the green arrow.

This was our first trip Manistee.
A very picturesque town with many restored old buildings.
And some very nice beaches. Though quite deserted because it's not that warm yet. Got to about high 60's while we were there. And their about 2 weeks behind Lansing in terms of Spring. Their Daffodils were just into full bloom. Our Daffodils are all done and the bushes and trees are leafing out.
Here's a couple of pics of their beaches.
Beautiful sand and deep blue water.
Lake Michigan is truly gorgeous!
The RV Park at the Casino was new with full hookups and cable.
Our luck though, was not good.
That's why we seldom go to casino's.
But we drove up the coast and did some sight seeing.
And wandered thru town and had lunch at a pub with a deck out back. Here's a couple of pics from the deck.
As with most towns the buildings back up to the water.
The deck was on the street level.
As you can see the river is quite
a bit lower than the street.
And as with a lot of cities,
they are reclaiming the river
for recreational use.

They built this nice river walk with boat docks and a performing pavilion across the river.
Oh, and lunch was delicious!
And our mo-ho was great. Everything worked well.
Our next trip will be to Muskegon State Park
for Mother's Day weekend. My Mom has not seen the mo-ho
yet so this will give us another chance to use it.
Muskegon is due west on the map.
Also on lake Michigan. About 90 miles.


  1. Nice looking beach.

  2. Looks amazingly peaceful and quiet. Perfect, in other words! I've only been to the southern part of MI....Sawyer (far southwest corner), Port Huron, and Saginaw. This place looks great.

  3. I had a friend in college from Manistee. Did you see her there?

  4. johnmichael3:36 PM

    Those are gorgeous pictures!!
    Looks like a place I would love to visit.

  5. Glad the MoHo served you well and that you had a good getaway!