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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 4th!

First, Happy 4th, to everyone!
Also Happy birthday to my Sis, Linda, who was born on the 4th!
We had a great weekend! Beautiful weather, and no major mishaps!

We stayed at Indiana Dunes State Park.
It's about 10 miles south of Michigan City Indiana,
right on lake Michigan!
One of the reasons we like this campground,
is it's only an hours drive from my favorite city, Chicago!

So, we drove into the city to partake of Chicago's biggest festival.
The "Taste" as they call it. The "Taste" is a massive food fest.
This year, they had 70 restaurants participating. They also have 3 stages with music, and assorted other entertainment.
The "Taste" is held in Grant Park. Chicago's largest park that sits
right on Lake Michigan. This pic shows the skyline. Can you see Craig? Who's looking rather bored with me taking so many pics!

And here he is again, showing off for the camera!
Lot's of good food and people watching.
Some of the items we sampled were,
Coconut rice with sauteed goat,
mustard fried catfish, steak tacos,
BBQ buffalo burgers, sesame beef on a stick,
and of course some Eli's cheescake! YUM!

According to the news the next day, they had 315,000 people there that day.
It got very crowded.

So, to get away from the crowds and relax, we, of course, headed over to Navy Pier, and the Beer Garden.
See how relaxed and happy we are to be away from the masses?
And of course, it's a great place to people watch and listen to free live music!

And the pier which juts out into Lake Michigan offers great views of the city and lots of boats coming and going. A great way to wind down from shopping and the crowds.
There's always so much to see and do in Chicago! I would list Chicago in my top 5 great cities, with the other 4 being Washington D.C., San Francisco, Portland, and New Orleans.

At the entrance to Navy Pier, they had an exhibit of artfully decorated Globes. Here's me with one.
See, always something new here.

Of course we had to finally leave Chicago and return to the campground. The next day we went to the beach.
They have a massive beach, which is very popular. Since it's the only beach in Indiana!

After enjoying the sand and surf we headed
up a dune to go back to the campground.
Click on the pic and ignore Craig's tired, winded look, (he hates climbing) and you'll see Chicago across the lake! Actually it's more like around the corner of the Lake. Since Indiana Dunes is on the lower right corner of Lake Michigan, and Chicago is on the lower left side.
Hated to come home, but we'll go back again later this summer.
Can never have too much Chicago!
Oh, and for the rest of the pics,
click this Album


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Thanks for the pics. :) Glad to hear you guys are having a good time.

    And thanks for the birthday wishes. :)



  2. Portland in your top 5? Wow. Thanks! Glad you had a super time.

  3. mustard-fried catfish sounds mighty good... how was it?

  4. lewis, yes Portland. It's a wonderful city!
    foxy, the catfish was delicious!

  5. Joseph6:32 PM

    I'm glad you had such a good time. The Taste is a lot of fun, but it can be very, very crowded and if the temperature is excessive, it can be tough. It doesn't seem to stop too many people though. Chicago is a great city with a lot to see and do. You also are more adventurous in your choice of food than I am! I'm glad, too, that you didn't have any problems with your motor home. Have a happy 4th of July! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!