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Monday, July 30, 2007

Live from Saugatuck! again!

Yep! we're back at Campit!
near beautiful Saugatuck Michigan!
This is just a short 2 niter.
We came to meet our friends,
Tom and Dean from Wisconsin.
Campit has themed weekends.
This was their Wild West Weekend.
They had rodeo demonstrations,
horseshoe competitions,
line dancing, karaoke,
and a big pot luck dinner.
And no, I didn't do karaoke, or line dancing. I did watch the line dancing, thinking "I can do this",
but every song, they did a different routine! How can they remember all those? And the karaoke was a hoot! some very good and some very bad, but all fun!
The first pic is our camp site,
and the second pic is me and Dean in the pool.
The weather was perfect!
And as usual, we met more nice campers
from all over. We always enjoy our visits
to Campit!

But all good things must come to an end. We pack up this morning, and head back to Lansing.
We'll be back here again in September!


  1. And, yet, another trip without me. We could work it off in trade or something if that makes it easier.

  2. Bugger off Lewis...You already hit the travelling highway enough...*winks*
    And I am with Lewis, another trip without me...sheesh, it's just not fair seeing you have so much fun...But I am glad you are...Hugs!